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Sweep-or-Pick. Universal Garbage Pickup Tool    

Five cleaning tools integrated in one – a broom for sweeping and four various pick up tools designed to get the litter even from hard to reach spots.


Cleaning is generally a manual work that requires different tools for efficient completion.

A broom is the most widely tool that is used to sweep open flat surfaces such as floors, sidewalks, parking lots, etc. However, this tool is often the least efficient one to use.

In the real urban environment, litter finds its way into the landscape elements such as hedges, flowers, and the edge of planting beds. Hence, the cleaners have to carry a separate pick up tool in addition to the broom to reach and extract it.

Also, the existing pick up tools are limited to grab only one piece at a time making it very time consuming to clean.

However, most of the urban litter types soft materials (paper, plastic, aluminum cans, etc.) which can be picked up more practically using a special spear tool (extending rod). The tool allows picking up several items at once saving a lot of time.

That is why garbage pickup tool should be universal to meet cleaning tasks.

Primary Application of the Technology

Direct cost of litter removal to governments, educational institutions, businesses, and volunteer organizations in the U.S. is $11.5 billion. Finding efficient litter removal tools can help these potential customers to reduce costs and increase the speed of litter pick up.

Potential customers include:
- Households
- Local goverments
- Cleaning companies
- Fast food businesses
- Convenience stores
- Highway administrations

Competitive Advantage

There are no universal garbage pick up tools on market yet.

Additional Information

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