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Buying and Selling Marketplace for Sports Betting    

A bid/ask buying and selling marketplace for sports betting


A sports betting market place where traders can buy and sell contract positions that are traded on an exchange where the spread price moves with bid/ask buying and selling instead of only being set by the sports books. This moves traditional sports betting from gambling to investing by providing a platform where customers can better capitalize on their knowledge with more choices in spread positions to take, and also eliminates betting risks for casinos, completely.

Primary Application of the Technology

Sports Books
Casino Entities

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Eliminates risks to sports books. Allows customers a wide range of position decisions.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

An exchange market based on bid/ask buying and selling allows the market to move over a wide spectrum of possible bet entries that is beneficial to the customer. Each transaction has a buyer and seller on each side eliminating the risk sports books make to offer a single spread in the hopes of getting equal participants on each side.