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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 588: Hazardous Or Toxic Waste Destruction Or Containment

This is the generic class for: 1. hazardous or toxic waste destruction by any means to include, heating, chemical action, or the interaction with any form of radiation; 2. permanent containment of hazardous or toxic waste by methods to include storage in a simple container, solidification, vitrification, cementation, and more elaborate methods of storage such as marine, tetonic, or extraterrestrial storage; 3. hazardous or toxic waste conversion by any means (e.g., chemical, physical, etc.) to an environmentally safe substance; and 4. preparation for destruction or containment as well as the actual destruction or containment.

Subclass 249.5: Chemical or germ warfare agents, or pathogenic organisms (e.g., sarin, VX, anthrax, virus, bacteria and medical waste, etc.)
Subclass 252: Solidification, vitrification, or cementation

Class 206: Special Receptacle Or Package

(a) a container configured to hold a particular article or set of articles or material; (b) a mercantile unit - i.e., means in or by which goods (article or material) are displayed, protected, packaged or arranged in a particular manner, to facilitate sale, transportation in commerce, use or storage or (c) a packet, compact or case carried on the person of a user.

Subclass 222: Tear strip or piercer
Subclass 364: Syringe (e.g., enema or catheter, per se)