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Collapsible Reusable Pallet    

This pallet is designed to collapse when stored - saves logistic and pallet companies millions of dollars a year in warehouse storage and retrieving costs.


This pallet has a unique design and hinge system that allows this pallet to collapse down and store after use. This can be built to the common pallet size of 4.5" high, when stored and collapsed the pallet would be 2" high, providing valuable additional space to the end-user.

Many companies and agencies store thousands of pallets in different locations. The collapsible pallet will save companies thousands on rent and transportation costs.

Primary Application of the Technology

This patent would be of interest to companies that:
- Lease and sell pallets - it saves them space.
- Build pallets to special design sizes.
- Ship large quantities of product or equipment and need to retrieve their pallets.
- Store or retrieve pallets in trailers.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Saves space in storing pallets in a warehouse, or retrieving.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

It has a unique hinge system that allows the pallet to collapse down.

Competitive Advantage

This patented pallet has a hinge system that allows the pallet to carry the weight of a standard pallet of equal material, and when stored collapses to half the height or a regular pallet.

This saves money on storage, fuel and manpower.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this pallet be built to any size?
Yes - the pallet can be built to the standard industry sizes or customized to any size required.

Can this pallet be produced out of a variety of different materials?
Yes - this pallet can be made from a variety of materials including metal, composite, fiberglass, plastics etc. The pallet is reusable.

Can this pallet be produced to carry light or heavy loads?
Yes - the pallet can be engineered to meet any weight requirement.

Are there any other features to this reusable pallet?
Yes - the pallets can be equipped with RFID or GPS.

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Class 108: Horizontally Supported Planar Surfaces

Rigid, planar, supporting surfaces having structure to support the surface in a horizontal plane.

Subclass 56.1: Knockdown or setup