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A Rear Mounted Hauler for a Vehicle    

Hydraulic powered machine that lifts and hauls, to transport cargo, motorcyles etc. up to 1000lb.


A hydraulic powered (tall bottle jack) machine that slides into any 2" receiver hitch that will lift and transport heavy cargo - appliances, yard machines-anything heavy up to 1000 lbs. It has bolt on accessories to lift and transport motorcycles, 4x8 cargo such as plywood, paneling or drywall. The base was designed to be used for many different uses.

Primary Application of the Technology

Builders, motorcyclists, air conditioning repair, appliance repair

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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 414: Material Or Article Handling

Apparatus, device, implement or method for placing or displacing particular articles in a particular manner or with reference to a particular support, for loading or unloading vehicles with materials or objects in general, charging or discharging furnaces, bins, chambers, or other receptacles, stacking or piling articles or materials, also combinations of general types of carriers or forwarding mechanisms, which types, per se, are separately classified elsewhere, and general types of elevators, cranes, or hoists when associated with special means for handling the load to place it on the carrier or remove it therefrom.