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Improving the Accuracy of the Microarray Genomics Technique    

Technology improves accuracy of all types of microarray analyses including DNA capture enrichment by use of high resolution DNA melting curve analysis.


Genomic analysis by the microarray system is a popular and cost effective method of DNA analysis. In its standard form, the microarray is normally analyzed dry after hybridization.

However, a source of error in all microarray measurements is the promiscuous binding that can occur between probe molecules and DNA target molecules with a similar sequence but not perfectly complementary sequence to the probe. Promiscuous binding causes noise in all measurements which decreases the signal to noise ratio.

Promiscuous binding and the noise it causes can be reduced by changing the format of the microarray assay from a dry format to a wet format in which DNA melting curves can be performed.

A novel method and apparatus has been developed to accomplish this. Instead of a single reading of the dry microarray, the temperature is increased in increments while flowing buffer over the array, and repeatedly measuring the target DNA concentrations of each probe spot generating melting curves. Promiscuous binding of non specific target DNA can now be detected by the lost of target DNA at lower temperatures. Measurements at higher temperatures become more accurate.

This technique can also be used to improve the accuracy DNA capture enrichment microarrays used for targeted next generation sequencing.

Primary Application of the Technology

All types of microarray analysis which may include academic and industrial research, diagnostics, and biodefense. Also, use in capture enrichment assays for targeted next generation DNA sequencing.

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