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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 385: Optical Waveguides

(1) An optical waveguiding element, which conveys light from one point to another through an optically transparent elongated structure by modal transmission, total internal reflection, or total reflectorization. (2) A combination of an optical waveguiding element with an additional broadly recited optical element which couples light or a combination. (3) A combination of an optical waveguiding element with structure which mechanically joins this waveguiding element with another or with a diverse optical element. (4) An optical modulator where the modulation of a light wave characteristic is performed exclusively within an optical waveguiding element. (5) Other miscellaneous devices formed of an optical waveguide (e.g., a waveguide sensing device) and supplemental devices which are limited to use with an optical waveguide (e.g., an external clamp or retainer).

Subclass 137: Fiber holder (i.e., for single fiber or holding multiple single fibers together)
Subclass 139: Plug/termination device
Subclass 27: Particular coupling function
Subclass 31: Input/output coupler
Subclass 33: Lens
Subclass 36: Prism
Subclass 47: Multiport coupler using reflective surface
Subclass 52: With alignment device
Subclass 55: Structure surrounding optical fiber-to-fiber connection
Subclass 58: With additional structure at or immediately surrounding each optical fiber end face
Subclass 59: Plural fiber-to-fiber connections
Subclass 60: Fiber end held in ferrule
Subclass 62: Compressively fixed (e.g., chuck, collet, crimp, set screws, etc.)
Subclass 64: Plural rods or balls structure
Subclass 65: Groove-type holding structure
Subclass 70: With additional structure at or immediately surrounding each optical fiber end face
Subclass 71: Plural fiber-to-fiber connections
Subclass 72: Fiber end held in ferrule
Subclass 73: With additional optical element between facing fiber ends
Subclass 74: Lens
Subclass 75: With additional nonoptical structure
Subclass 78: Fiber end held in ferrule
Subclass 81: Compressively fixed (chuck, collet, crimp, set screw, etc.)
Subclass 83: Groove-type holding structure
Subclass 88: Optical fiber to a nonfiber optical device connector
Subclass 89: Plural fiber/device connections
Subclass 91: Fiber permanently fixed after adjustment
Subclass 92: With housing
Subclass 93: Including lens
Subclass 94: Sealed from environment

Class 84: Music

Instruments used in producing music and includes (1) electrical music instruments, (2) automatic instruments, and (3) those hand played. The automatic instruments and the hand played instruments have a parallel classification so far as seems practical, and in both the patents are divided in the usual way into four groups, stringed, wind, rigid vibrators, and membranes.

Subclass 724: Photoelectric

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