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Renewable Energy Production    

Producing the electricity by using the energy of water flow & water wave


Transforming the energy of the water flow in open channels and ocean water waves to compressed air, which can be used sequentially, to build in huge infrastructures as power plants.

Use nature's energy for transforming the energy which means using no fuel, with feasible economical benefits especially when constructing the installations near the long waves of the ocean or big rivers. The only environmental impact is the installations, there are no carbon dioxide or nitrite etc.

Primary Application of the Technology

Alternative Energy

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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 60: Power Plants

The residual class concerned with the driving of a load by the conversion of heat, pressure, radiant, or gravitational energy into mechanical motion. It includes a motor in combination with its energy supply or its exhaust treatment. It also includes the motors, per se, combinations of motors, and elements specialized for use in such energy conversion that are not specifically provided for elsewhere.

Class 416: Fluid Reaction Surfaces (I.E., Impellers)

This class provides the locus for all fluid impellers not elsewhere classifiable. The working fluid, which is acted on by or acts upon the impeller, may be a liquid or gas.

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