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Portable Audio System with Changeable Functionality    

A portable audio system includes a housing, battery, wiring harness, speakers, and two or more audio controllers, each including at least one audio functionality different from at least one other.


This stereo system is designed to bring life to the ordinary portable sound systems and revolutionize the aesthetics of the old systems. The system is uniquely shaped to give the sound a wider dispersion. The stereo system is unique: it has a creative design and appearance, it cost less to operate, and has changeable functionality. In today's society, music is one of the most entertaining avenues for all walks of life, especially teenagers and young adults. The goal with this design is a system that will produce good quality music, and be enjoyable and rewarding for many years to come. This invention can "change the way this generation listens to music".

Some key benefits are: 12 volt car stereo system with surround sound, MP3 player docking station/charging port. Songs can also be copied from stereo player to MP3 player. Swapping audio controllers, party lights that flash to the beat of the music. Powerful to play sub-woofer and one 12v rechargeable gel battery that charge doing direct power. Built-in ac/dc converter. Battery does not leak acid when not in use. Two tweeter speakers are mounted at the front lower bottom of the system. The system powered a digital AM/FM/CD/DVD, satellite navigation features Bluetooth capabilities, GPS receiver and display. Battery (kill) switch, quick snap master plug, on/off speaker switches, etc.

Young professionals are currently acquiring homes, condos, and apartments that need entertainment centers to accommodate private socials, family gatherings, and special events where quality music is key. This primary market represents the current main users of new trendy products. Therefore, this groups would highly demand the latest development in portable/fixed home entertainment. This key group also represents working individuals that can afford the products. In addition, youthful adults that are outside of the targeted generation that consider themselves technologically savvy and appreciate quality music will desire a product of this sort. A secondary market would be teenagers and adolescents ages 10-19 desiring to get the latest portable audio/video systems.

Primary Application of the Technology

Consumer Market - home audio systems.

For use at home, picnic places, camping, at the beach, college campuses, and party locations.

Competitive Advantage

- Portable/fixed 12 volt automobile stereo system with changeable functionality.
- One 12 volt gel battery that never leak acid and destroy the contacts.
- Recharge battery doing direct power.
- Party lights flash to the beat of the music.
- Swapping audio controllers.
- Powerful to play sub-woofer.
- This invention is a CLASSIC COLLECTION (keepsake)

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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 381: Electrical Audio Signal Processing Systems And Devices

This class provides for: (a) wired one-way electrical transmission or processing systems for audio signals, (b) Stereophonic systems, which are not elsewhere classified, (c) instrument or process for converting an electrical audio information signal to or from humanly audible form.