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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 439: Electrical Connectors

This is the generic class for a pair of mated conductors comprising at least two electrically conducting elements which are interconnected to permit relative motion of such conducting elements during use without a break in electrical conductivity therebetween. Also, this is the generic class for a device constituting an electricity conducting contact between conductors of electricity; wherein the joint is of a type which may be readily made and broken, repeatedly by attachment and detachment of contact supporting structure on each conductor.

Class D14: Recording, Communication, Or Information Retrieval Equipment

Ornamental designs for: computer, data processor equipment; facsimile equipment; telegraph equipment; recording medium or carrier therefor; generated image; video or audio recording, transmission or playing equipment; miscellaneous.

Class D11: Jewelry, Symbolic Insignia, And Ornaments

Ornamental designs for: fastener, buckle or restraint for apparel or personal belongings not elsewhere specified; jewelry; symbolic medal, badge or insignia; artificial plant life and holiday season decorations; sculpture, table or wall ornament; flag or pennant; miscellaneous.