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Hurricane Resistant Building    

Hurricane resistant building for both commercial and residential purposes.


A broad and detailed patent for a low rise, hurricane resistant building. The building has commercial and residential purposes. The building may be a condominium/townhouse. One building may include 7 townhouses, or 14 condominiums or a combination of townhouses and condominiums. In addition to the detailed patent drawings, we have preliminary drawings and plans that can include a restaurant design within the building. The octagon design combines engineering, architectural and wind shear principles to create an attractive, hurricane resistant structure. The structure includes a hardened aluminum roof skin (similar to that used on aircraft) with composite material bonded for strength. The appealing, futuristic design is buildable using existing technologies including wood and masonry design manuals. Drawings also include a layout of several buildings as a condo/townhouse complex.

Primary Application of the Technology

Structural Engineering
Real Estate Developer
Real Estate Investor

Competitive Advantage

This patent addresses the need for hurricane resistant buildings in the U.S. and in particular the need for hurricane resistant condominiums and townhouses.

Comments on Deal Structure, Potential Terms and Restrictions

Seller is looking to sell either a license for the right to construct the building or outright sale of patent.

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