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Lens-Array Waveguide Illumination Systems    

Edge-lit waveguide that employs surface-distributed microstructures for extracting light from the waveguide and matching microlenses for collimating the extracted light into a directional beam.


The patented edge-lit illumination technology provides directional light output from a broad-area surface and allows for significantly improving the brightness of LCD backlights and LED lighting panels. It also saves energy, and eliminates glare by preventing light propagation into non-functional directions. The light emission angle and light distribution pattern can be tailored to a specific application. The angular spread can be made as narrow as 10-20 degrees or as wide as 90-120 degrees without changing the design. Highly collimated light beams (with angular spread of only a few degrees) are also possible with this technology.

Primary Application of the Technology

Backlilghts for LCD displays
LED lighting panels.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Lack of beam directionality control in conventional edge-lit lighting panels and LCD display backlights.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The patented optical structure of edge-lit waveguide allows for confining the light beam within a prescribed angular range thus enhancing system efficiency and useful light output.

Competitive Advantage

Conventional edge-lit waveguides found in backlighting units of LCD displays or in LED lighting panels emit light randomly into all directions. This causes a significant percentage of light to go into non-functional directions resulting in a loss of efficiency and sometimes side-glare problems.

The patented edge-lit waveguide design empowers the manufacturers of LCD displays and lighting luminaires to exercise full control over the emission angle. In turn, it allows for improving the device brightness and reducing energy consumption and costs.

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Class D26: Lighting

Ornamental designs for: light source, candle holder, light fixture.