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Point of Use Water Purification Device    

Ultrafiltration of water is performed through the external skin of a spring loaded flexible container. This concept is characterized by low cost and ease to use.


Access to clean water is an essential human necessity. This innovative concept of transportable, point of use, manual water purification aiming at providing potable water accessible for all. The global protection of the portfolio ensures a coverage of 95% of the BRICS (Emerging National economies : Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa).

The device is constituted of (i) a multi-layered membrane on nearly the whole surface of the packaging and (ii) of an expandable structure being part of the packaging; the packaging is aimed to be produced in line.

The key benefits of the technology are :
• Compact solution: storage volume of the packaging is minimized as it represents 1 to 3 % of the device in use.
• Low cost manufacturing solution.
• Low buying price = low access price.
• Multi-use.
• Disposable & robust.
• Fast and effective purified water production.
• Flexible & scalable technology.
• Simple to use.

This device is not a desalination tool, neither a massive filtration system, nor a home water purification system.

Primary Application of the Technology

Reasurance: Outdoor, well-being, kids, travel
Necessity: Base of Pyramid (BoP), emerging middle class
Survival: Disaster Relief

The Problem Solved by the Technology

The device enables a unique combination of cheap filtering system, with high efficiency (shortened filtration time, reusable) and environment-friendly materials.

The technology is scalable, with industrial approach consideration, and can be customized to tackle different markets.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The filtering system has been thought as a transportable packaging. The filtering system is a membrane enabling to design lightweight devices. Moreover, the membrane can either be the skin of the packaging or an inner part of the device, thus offering multiple possibilities in the design and functions of the device.

Competitive Advantage

Contrary to competitive technologies the treated water does not follow the same path as the unfiltered water entering the device. Moreover, the filtration time is reduced, and the device is reusable (up to 30L of water can be filtered with 1 device) and disposable. This filtration system is a low entry price solution.

Last, but not least, the concept could evolve to supply medication, or nutrition additives in its first use.

Frequently Asked Questions

- What is the ideal filling time?
It clearly depends on the water quality, but the objective is the range of 30 seconds to 1 minute for ca. 1 liter. Such is made possible by the large filtering surface (up to the whole surface of the container), a manually activated pressure on the container and an hydrophilic membrane with a water flux in the range of 60’000 L/m2.h.b

- How many times can the device be used before disposing it?
We aim for a minimal use of 100 times.

- What is the size?
The definitive size is not freezed today. The aim is for daily use (maximum) and foreseen as a solution on-the-go. Therefore, the volume of the packaging has always been considered between 0.2 L and 1L.

- Which kind of membrane is used?
The membrane is made of a high flow filtration PA46 and possess three layers involving a nanofiber layer between two support layers. The material combines high hydrophilicity to an extremely low resistance to flow and outstanding mechanical properties, which makes it perfect for the targeted application.

- What is the concept characteristic when considering manufacturing?
We use manufacturing processes of industrial packaging, enabling an ex-factory price of few dollars.

- What is the market characteristic?
The concept enables a flexible market positioning, depending on the level of complexity and features (e.g. embedding medication or vitamin in the initial use) embedded in the final product(s). It provides the possibility to build up a product portfolio with different products features and distinctive positioning.

- What is the market potential?
We consider it high in regard of the demography trends and the global water access situation. More concretely, the advantages of developing a “modular” product line, and of a very low initial buying price (few dollars for a month use) are determinants and offer unique attributes.

- What would be the ideal next steps after buying the IP?
Demonstrators to realize different field tests may be done (with the actual membrane), leading then to a business and product validation. Thereof the final product development and initial launch may be planned.

Additional Information

The seller can provide transfer of the rights including know-how support.

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 210: Liquid Purification Or Separation

Treating water or waste liquid, and when not more specifically provided for, the class for patents directed to treating liquids in general or of any kind and provides (1) process and apparatus for (a) separating a component from (b) purifying or (c) effecting a change in water or waste liquid, such process or apparatus not being more specifically provided for in another class; (2) process of treating liquids in general and treating liquid compositions of either general or diverse utilities; (3) apparatus not provided for in other classes, for performing the foregoing processes and treating liquids of any kind; (4) filter materials or compositions peculiar to the above-mentioned processes; and (5) Processes for purification of liquids containing hazardous or toxic waste to produce a nonhazardous or nontoxic product.

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