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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 307: Electrical Transmission Or Interconnection Systems

This is the residual class for all subject matter, not elsewhere classified, relating to electrical transmission or interconnection systems.

Class 318: Electricity: Motive Power Systems

This is the generic class for system of electrical supply and/or of control for one or more electric motors where the electric motor is claimed in combination with such systems of supply and/or control and the electric motor as claimed constitutes the ultimate and sole electrical load device supplied by the system or constitutes the ultimate and sole electrical device being controlled.

Class 137: Fluid Handling

Fluid material handling, and takes processes, systems, combinations, subcombinations and certain elements pertaining thereto not otherwise classified. Fluid materials include gas and liquids primarily, but the handling of other flowable materials, as fluent granular solids, is also found. Handling of fluent material by flow, as by confining, directing, causing and/or controlling the flow, and includes making the material available for flow or separating a smaller from a larger body of fluid material, as by tanks, containers, receivers, traps, etc., or pipes or conduits, with or without siphons, pumps, pressure or displacing fluids or other flow imparting means.

Class 251: Valves And Valve Actuation

Means for regulating flow of a fluid through a passage, either by closing the passage or restricting it by a definite predetermined motion of the closing-element, that are of general application not otherwise provided for.

Class 62: Refrigeration

(1) processes and apparatus peculiar to removing heat from a substance, usually by a change of phase of a coolant or refrigerant, as by evaporation, melting or sublimation, (2) the resultant product of part (1), e.g., ice, liquefied or solidified gases, and (3) processes and apparatus peculiar to handling the latter as a stored product, not elsewhere provided for.

Class 178: Telegraphy

Means for transmitting to a distance messages, unlimited with respect to the extent of information they are adapted to convey, and the transmission and facsimile reproduction of written, printed, or otherwise produced characters, marks, pictures, etc., unlimited with respect to form or outline, by the utilization of conductive or inductive electrical current impulses or reversals, the elements of the messages being selected or composed at will, according to a prearranged code, or the transmitter being actuated or controlled by a previously designed pattern.

Class 341: Coded Data Generation Or Conversion

1) originating or emitting a coded set of discrete signals or 2) translating one code into another code wherein the information signal content remains the same but the formats may differ. For classification herein, at least one of the codes must be a set of pulses or digits and electrical in nature.

Class 345: Computer Graphics Processing And Selective Visual Display Systems

Processes and apparatus for selective electrical control of two or more light-generating or light-controlling display elements* in accordance with a received or stored image data signal. The image data includes character, graphical information or display attribute data. The image data may include, for example, information data from a peripheral input device, from the reception of a television signal, from the recognition of image data, or from the generation or creation of image data by a computer.

Class 200: Electricity: Circuit Makers And Breakers

Combinations of circuit makers and breakers with electrical plugs, sockets, or other connectors are in this class. This class includes devices known as "controllers", "circuit-closers", "switches", "circuit-breakers", "interrupters", "distributers", "thermal-cut-offs", "fuses", and "electrical thermostats".

Class 185: Motors: Spring, Weight, Or Animal Powered

Spring, weight, and animal powered motors and is specific to motors of these types and to plural arrangements of such motors.

Class 267: Spring Devices

Vehicle-springs, elastic extension devices, reciprocating-bed-cushioning devices, and miscellaneous spring structures which are not peculiar to any particular art.

Class 303: Fluid-Pressure And Analogous Brake Systems

The distribution of fluid to brake motors, i.e., the utilization of fluid-pressure in the operation of brakes.

Class 188: Brakes

Retarding the motion of or stopping machines, including vehicles, both rail and road, and shafts, wheels, pulleys, or other moving mechanisms, by friction, by positive engagement of elements, or by the internal resistance of a fluid or a field of force.

Class 362: Illumination

Means and processes for casting visible radiant energy in at least one direction to render objects in that direction visible.

Class 192: Clutches And Power-Stop Control

Clutches, combinations including vortex flow drive and clutch, vortex flow drive and brake, clutch and brake, and clutch and gear; and also includes mechanism for joint control of transmission and clutch, and transmission and brake. This class includes the control of those various power-transmission means, motors, and brakes the motions of which occur at the completion of a cycle of operations or which are due to contact with the material handled by the machine or to the defective action of the parts of the machine operated or to such operations as arise from the initiation of measures for the safety of the operator.

Class 340: Communications: Electrical

Communications - the handling of information or intelligence, restricted to the conveying of said information or intelligence between geographically spaced points. Information or intelligence is defined as being, matter which is handled by signaling systems or signaling devices (such as telegraph systems) or by that portion of nonsignaling systems or nonsignaling devices (such as power supply systems) which is designated in the arts as having a control function (such as the supervisory circuits which control the circuit breakers of an electric power network). Handling, as used above, is defined as being the active coaction between the tangible communication system or device and the intangible information or intelligence, and such coaction may assume various forms, such as transmission, storage, exhibiting, etc.

Class 116: Signals And Indicators

Mechanical, as distinguished from electrical, devices for giving signals of the nature of either alarms or indicators, which signals are generally due to some movement of some part or element from a normal or nonsignaling or signal-controlling position. The signal may be of any type which appeals to any one or more of the senses, but is generally a bell, horn, whistle, semaphore, light-shutter, explosive device, pointer, or flag. The patents of this class are divided into several main groups: (1) Devices having combined functions, as signaling, and also some additional function. (2) Those adapted for some special purpose, as code signaling, ships" telegraphs, vehicle motion and direction, street traffic, etc. (3) For alarms, such as bells, horns, whistles, rattles, etc. (4) For indicators, as pointers, semaphores, drop-annunciators, etc. (5) For novel horns, whistles, bells, flags, etc., per se.

Class 455: Telecommunications

This is the generic class for modulated carrier wave communications not elsewhere classifiable.

Class 343: Communications: Radio Wave Antennas

Antennas for the transmission of radio wave energy through the natural media - air, earth, water, etc. for point-to-point communication or for the reception of such transmitted radio wave energy. Aparatus and systems which constitute part of an antenna transmission or reception.

Class 310: Electrical Generator Or Motor Structure

This is the residual class for all subject matter, not elsewhere classified, relating to electrical generator or motor structure.

Class 370: Multiplex Communications

This is the generic class for multiplexing or duplexing systems, methods, or apparatus.

Class 73: Measuring And Testing

Processes and apparatus for making a measurement of any kind or for making a test of any kind, and takes all such subject matter not provided for in other classes. The term "test" includes inspection, processes and apparatus for determining qualities by inspection being included where not provided for in other classes. This class is the generic class for sampling and takes all sampling apparatus and processes not otherwise provided.

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