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Nanofibrous Multi-Layed Wound Dressing    

A nanofibrous multi layed wound dressing from bioactive polymers. A herbal drug is also incorporated into the dressing.


A nanofibrous wound dressing consist of different layers from different polymers with different functions for each layer.

The multilayered dressing comprises a thin layer directly contacting the wound and it can provide a gel, which causes proper adhesion of the dressing to the wound surface and facilitates the removal of the dressing from the wound when it should be changed.

The second layer, which is on the top of the first layer is composed of biopolymers such as chitosan and can be incorporated with pharmaceutical agent. Here, the second layer (middle layer) incorporated with Melilotus officinalis extract, a herbal compound used for healing of chronic wounds and has shown good therapeutic effects without any acute or chronic toxicity.

The dressing also has a support layer on top of the middle layer. The outer layer of the dressing works as support layer for another inner layers. The support layer is from hydrophobic polymers such as polyurethane. The outer layer also prevents bacteria from penetrating to wound, maintains, and provides moist environment on the surface of the wound.

Primary Application of the Technology

Medical Therapeutics - wound dressing, wound healing