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TSV Reveal Structure and Exposing Process    

A through-silicon-via structure and the related method to fabricate it, including processes of grinding, CMP and etching, etc.


A TSV backside reveal structure, which can overcome the potential faulting problem of a seed layer when a conventional PVD technique is used to produce the seed layer, and improve the reliability of the connection between a micro bump and the back tip of the corresponding TSV.

The patent also provides a TSV exposing process. This process can produce the required backside reveal structure and avoid the TTV on the exposed TSV, ensure that all the exposed TSVs meet the height requirement, and reduce the damage to the back tip of the TSV during the TSV exposing process.

Primary Application of the Technology

Chip packaging
Chip interconnect
3D packaging
3D interconnect

The Problem Solved by the Technology

The existing equipment and technology can hardly guarantee the continuity of the seed layer close to the lateral wall of TSV when the TSV backside reveal is perpendicular to the silicon substrate. Especially, since the size of the micro bump is usually slightly larger than that of the TSV, when the micro bumps directly form on the TSV, voids usually form on the lateral wall of the TSV and the junction of the silicon substrate and TSV, which affects the reliability of the interconnection.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The patent provides a TSV backside reveal structure which exhibits a continuous height variation between the exposed TSV and a substrate surface, which changes the original perpendicular relationship between the exposed TSV and the substrate surface, and overcomes the potential faulting problem of seed layer in PVD process, and provides the reliability of the connection between the bump and the exposed TSV.

Competitive Advantage

With this technology, the connection reliability of micro bump and the back tip of the corresponding TSV will be greatly improved.

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