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Product Counterfeiting Prevention    

Certifying and monitoring commercial activity of a manufacturer, distributor, and a retailer in a product supply chain.


The technology uses a search engine on the internet to certify manufacturers, their authorized distributors, retailers and products in an effort to prevent the epidemic of counterfeit products entering the product supply chain and to enhance the reliability, safety, authenticity of the products. The owners and operators of the search engine gain considerable economic benefits, including monopoly, as the potential customers would use its certification of its distribution chain as the seal of reliability for its listed products. Customers would tend to purchase products listed and certified by its search engine over similar products not listed and certified.

Primary Application of the Technology

E-commerce, conventional "brick and mortar" retail stores.
Applicable to all types of products, civilian and military, which are counterfeited or pirated.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Prevention of counterfeiting, piracy, etc. of products in the distribution chain in a comprehensive method.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

A single source (search engine owners, administrators) control, authenticate and certify the manufacturers, their distributors and retailers and their documented products. This allows the customers to rely on the said certification as a seal of quality, reliability, safety, etc., since only the certified and authorized vendors are authorized to sell specific genuine and authentic brand name products, and any vendor engaged in selling counterfeit products would be detected and de-certified.

Competitive Advantage

It can encompass all products sold without reliance of existing and numerous anti-counterfeiting tags, etc. It is a reliable and economic method of all existing methods to fight against counterfeiting, piracy, etc.

The seller may consider selling these patents individually.

Additional Information

Once the search engine has all the data for its certification and authentication process of manufacturers (brand owners), distributors and retailers, and once the customers are satisfied with its service of reliable, genuine products, it can easily expand or branch from its primary mission into one giant, world-wide catalog of safe, scam-free, reliable and authentic products and services over the internet.