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Eliminating health risks caused by extensive use of cell phones    

Supported by scientific theory and biological testing we developed patented technology to mitigate the potential harmful effects of the electromagnetic radiation generated by cell phones during use


We have developed a firmware / software application for Android mobile phones that allows the creation of ‘confusion fields’ using the circuitry of the Near Field Communication (NFC) transceiver that is now resident in most new mobile handsets. The ‘confusion field’ is a proven method for neutralising the potential carcinogenic impact of electromagnetic radiation from cell phone signals. It has been proposed that this works by changing how that signal is ‘read’ by living cells, stopping negative effects without altering the actual cell phone signal.

Primary Application of the Technology

The number of cell phones worldwide equals 97% of the worlds population. Feb 2011 - The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) publishes evidence demonstrating that mobile phones effect glucose metabolism in the brain. May 2011 - the World Health Organisation (WHO) classified mobile phones as a type IIb carcinogen, recognising their use as a potential risk. Oct 2012 - The Italian Supreme Court awards workers compensation to an individual suffering from a neural tumour on the basis of phone usage. Dec 2012 - the American Academy of Paediatrics writes an open letter of support for support of H.R. 6358, the Cell Phone Right to Know Act calling for further research, device labeling and a reassessment of exposure standards for mobile phones.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Our research has now evidenced that the ‘confusion’ fields produced by the current software / firmware have an active effect on cells. Cell morphology (shape / size) studies show that cells exposed to mobile phone radiation show a clear effect which is reduced by the confusion field. However there is also some effect of the confusion field on its own on cell morphology. This has been confirmed by proteomic studies of exposed cells which show a small number of proteins are effected both by the confusion field and mobile phone exposure. Further research is needed to either confirm the confusion field has a beneficial effect or to tune the field parameters to remove the current effect on cells while retaining the mitigating effect when combined with mobile phone radiation.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

Ornithine decarboxylase is a protein needed for cells to divide and is up-regulated in 90% of cancers (Auvinen et al. Nature 360, 355-358). It is seen both as a cancer marker and a potential therapeutic target. ODC levels are increased in cells exposed to mobile phone radiation, a cancer promoting effect (Litovitz publications). Using the ‘confusion’ field produced by the NFC transceiver mitigates the effect on ODC levels

L929 fibroblast cells exposed to combinations of mobile phone microwave transmissions (M) and the high-frequency magnetic ‘confusion’ field (C) show the confusion field mitigates the effect of the mobile phone on ODC levels

Competitive Advantage

Original research in this area was supported and funded by the US Army Walter Reed Institute of Research. It was conducted by independent US universities, including Columbia University and the Catholic University of America, resulting in 31 papers published in widely respected peer-reviewed scientific journals. They concluded that the regular modulation of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phones had a negative effect on human cells , while similar magnitude signals with non periodic temporal features did not have any effect. It was further demonstrated that the effect could be mitigated by superimposing a a low intensity very short range noise signal in the immediate environment. This would therefore mitigate any resulting health hazard.

Further research was commissioned and this demonstrated a reduction in the levels of a known cancer marker, ornithine decarboxylase, when cells are exposed to an NFC "confusion field“ at the same time as their exposure to GSM transmissions (a phone signal). We have since established it’s own biological research facilities housed at the Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) .

Further testing of the effects of the exposure of cells to electromagnetic fields and the efficacy of the our solution are being undertaken.

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Additional Information

DNA damage in cells can be assessed using the Comet assay. Normal DNA does not migrate whereas damaged DNA produces a characteristic comet-like tail, with the size of tail related to degree of damage. Recent research has suggested mobile phone fields can induce oxidative DNA damage (Mutat Res 583, 74-83). Preliminary experimental results agree, showing DNA damage for cells exposed to a mobile phone signal, similar to a positive control with hydrogen peroxide. Co-exposure with a confusion field apparently reduces damage.

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