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Vehicle Rugged Computer Laptop and Tablet Mount.    

User friendly, ergonomic vehicle rugged laptop, tablet mount. High tech design. One hand manipulation.


When the user is adjusting the mount, it has been designed to feel almost weightless, regardless of the rugged laptop, tablet weight. Once the user position has been determined, all locks into that position automatically simply by releasing the handle.

Offers the user the greatest distance, horizontal and vertical as well swivelling action for easy and comfortable working reach of the computer.

Offers one hand operation.

Easily installed in all larger vehicles such as ambulances, military, utility vehicles such as hydro, municipal, fire/rescue. May be used for other requirements which need quick easy laptop/tablet reach for indoor applications, such as hospitals, laboratories, R&D centers.

Primary Application of the Technology

User friendly, ergonomic, safe, quick and comfortable reach, adjustment of heavy rugged laptop/tablet computers for vehicles.

For ambulances, fire/rescue, larger supervisor vehicles, hydro, utility, military, municipal vehicles, commander type vehicles.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Compared to others, it is the fastest and easiest for user positioning for reach in distance, length and heigth, as well to transfer from one user to another.

The only mount designed to feel almost weightless as if in space, while manipulating the unit.

The only mount which automatically locks in position, once you release the handle.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

- It allows the user to manipulate the unit with only one hand.
- The side gas cylinders absorb most of the weight, also offering more security from accidental mount dropping on user's hands.
- Most other mounts have 2-3 locking/unlocking handles which are often hard to reach.
- Most mounts offer a sliding action, with optional parts offered for the tilt/swivel, as well for height. This mount does all and any movements almost intanteously, quicker, with much less effort, through the double hinged unit, alongside the gas cylinders for heigth adjustment, while aborbing 90 % of the total weight.

Competitive Advantage

One hand user adjustment. Locks automatically into desired user position, simply by releasing handle. The mount along with the laptop/tablet and powered docking station, almost feels weightless, when manipulating for user position. It offers the greatest flexibility in movement, whether horizontal, vertical distance, as well able to swivel. Only one locking/unlocking handle, easy to manipulate with or without gloves. The easiest and quickest, to change user postions from driver to the passenger seat user, and vice versa. Manufactured in aviation aluminum with black anodised finish. Highest tech design of all vehicle computer mounts. Able to mount any model of rugged laptop, tablet with docking station.

Comments on Deal Structure, Potential Terms and Restrictions

We are open to offers, licensing, joint ventures, but would prefer selling the patent outright for the United States.

We are not open to financing of any kind.

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Class 248: Supports

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