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Diesel Fuel Additive    

Diesel Fuel Additive together with the Diesel Fuel Additive Patent, with Heavy Equipment Field Trial Data that supports 4-10% fuel economy. Includes manufacturing and packaging technology.


Diesel Fuel Additive Formulation, Packaging, Manufacturing Process and Patent.

A fully developed diesel fuel additive formulation containing a polyetheramine and other ingredients with field tested results showing a 4 to 10% improvement in fuel efficiency together with the IP which specifically covers this formulation.

The formulation packaging is already developed, so there are no issues with long term package compatibility and shipping (leakers!). The buyer may wish to add a dye and this is one of the claims in the patent. The owner is currently manufacturing this product and actively selling it, but the product deserves wider recognition and use, since our customers find that the fuel savings cover the additive cost by a factor of two or more.

Along with this package comes the manufacturing process and the critical vendor and high volume supply chain information that makes this package ready for a marketing campaign.

The product is unusually lucrative and would prove attractive to major investment. Many patents are impossible to commercialize, but this package offers a commercially valuable product, manufacturing know-how and the legal means to protect the market you might create.

Primary Application of the Technology

1. Existing manufacturer of fuel additives.
2. Specialty Chemical company wishing to enter the fuel additive market.

Target markets: Trucking industry, farm equipment, heavy earthmoving equipment, retail diesel truck owners.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

This technology circumvents the major fuel supplier patents and provides a way of using the superior polyetheramines.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

Polyetheramines remove combustion deposits and keep injectors clean. Many other formulations are not as efficient.

Field testing on a 530 hp Cummins over the road truck confirmed the results.

The carrier solvent is unique in that it provides protection from super-cooled water freezing out on filters in cold weather.

The formulation was developed from aviation formulations, which the seller owns, which have been proven safe and effective in critical aviation environments.

Competitive Advantage

This additive formulation is unique because polyetheramines (PEA's) are superior to other detergent additives because they remove deposits from the fuel supply system, injectors, combustion chamber and inlet/exhaust valves. Often the inferior product PIBA, polyisobutylene amine is used, which deters deposits but will not remove them. The major fuel suppliers (Shell, Chevron, Esso etc.) have the market blanketed with PEA patents, but this patent circumvents their claims and allows entry to this exclusive market.

Comments on Deal Structure, Potential Terms and Restrictions

Offers for this package could be outright purchase, a license or a royalty deal. In the case of an outright sale, the current owner requests a back license to continue manufacturing and selling under the current brand.

The seller would like to be granted a license back.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I buy this in high volume?
Answer: Yes, but volumes above 1,000 per week will require several weeks lead time.
2. Is the supply chain in place?
Answer: Yes.
3. Would you provide technical support for me to set up my own manufacturing facility?
Answer: Yes, on a consulting fee basis.

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 44: Fuel And Related Compositions

A liquid or solid composition designed primarily to react chemically, usually with oxygen in air, to produce heat in controllable amounts, included are most compositions designed to produce both heat and a deoxygenating effect in metallurgical and similar processes, designated to be dispersed in air for explosive combustion in an engine and/or designed to produce illumination light along with heat upon combustion. A process for making such composition by adding substances, by removing components (using chemical or physico-chemical procedures) by shaping or reshaping or arranging fuel elements or object in a particular relation to each other, except where provided for in another class. An additive which imparts desire aesthetic, handling or burning properties to a fuel, or a composition useful only for scratching a match or removing soot from a combustion-related apparatus. Certain combinations of fuel with an igniting composition, an incombustible carrier for the fuel, a wrapper of bundling material or an additive. A process for treating coal not elsewhere classifiable.

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