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Electric Machine with Non-Coaxial Rotors    

Broad configuration options for motors or motor/generators with dual or multiple rotors and electronic controls. Applications for electric/hybrid vehicles and industrial machinery.


An electric machine with non-coaxial rotors provides design and control options for electric/hybrid vehicles or industrial machinery. The dual or multi-rotor machine can function as a motor with differential drive, a combined motor/generator or an electromagnetic coupling. The patent includes broad configuration options and electronic control schemes. An efficiency optimization concept incorporates both synchronous and asynchronous rotors.

Primary Application of the Technology

Transportation, Automotive, Machinery, Industrial

Competitive Advantage

Provides many options for proprietary configurations of rotary electric machines.

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 318: Electricity: Motive Power Systems

This is the generic class for system of electrical supply and/or of control for one or more electric motors where the electric motor is claimed in combination with such systems of supply and/or control and the electric motor as claimed constitutes the ultimate and sole electrical load device supplied by the system or constitutes the ultimate and sole electrical device being controlled.

Subclass 452: Plural, diverse conditions or with time-delay means
Subclass 809: With voltage phase angle control

Class 310: Electrical Generator Or Motor Structure

This is the residual class for all subject matter, not elsewhere classified, relating to electrical generator or motor structure.

Subclass 112: Plural units, structurally united
Subclass 114: Plural rotary elements
Subclass 126: Plural armatures in common field
Subclass 211: Squirrel cage