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Universal Structural Element    

The invention describes a universal structural element for the purpose of forming three-dimensional structures/buildings


A universal structural element system provides modular building components and comprises of a number of universal structural interlocking elements, each universal structural element comprising: a body having at least one longitudinal side and at least two end sides; an undercut groove in at least one of said at least one longitudinal side; an undercut groove in at least one of said at least two end sides; and said undercut grooves preferably have the same cross-section...

Key benefits:
- applications in various industries, especially where assembly / disassembly of a structure is necessary of desired.

Primary Application of the Technology

Structural Engineering

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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 52: Static Structures (E.G., Buildings)

The residual class for static structures. It includes on site erected structures generally identified by terms such as: civil engineering, public works, shelter, housing, buildings or masts and other related components used in such structures, e.g., panels, beams, columns. etc. Also, included are selected structurally similar components, such as, table top panels, poles, posts, window sash elements or door panels even though not disclosed as specialized as components of a building structure. Also, are included processes, machines and implements used in the construction of such structures which are not elsewhere provided for.

Class 403: Joints And Connections

This is the generic class of connections between two or more rigid or semirigid members at substantially a single locus; connections between the ends of a single rigid or semirigid member; connections between a flaccid member and a rigid or semirigid member. In addition, this is the generic class for connecting or fastening means.

Class 446: Amusement Devices: Toys

This class is a specific class under the broader class of Amusement and Exercising Devices, and includes patents relating to devices of the type whose principal purpose is for the amusement or recreation of children, wherein there is some physical interaction between a person and the device.

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