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Solutions for Optical Remote Network Node    

Optical remote note device and support equipment for constructing and extending fiber-optic access networks.


Device that performs the functions of a node of communications in fiber-optic passive optical networks (PON). Said node has to be placed in a remote point of the network, without an electrical supply, without controlled environmental conditions, nor other active elements, according to the requirement that these PON access networks are passive for reducing the expenses of installation (CAPEX) and operation (OPEX) of the network. A multichannel wavelength division multiplexed signal is broadcast or distributed to a group of subscribers in which a receiver selects each channel through demultiplexing.

Primary Application of the Technology

Communications, WDM, Optical Communications, Networks

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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 398: Optical Communications

This class provides for all types of communication systems in which optical signals are used to transmit modulated carrier wave information between points. Such communication includes transmitting an intelligence-bearing signal from one point to another in the form of variations in a characteristic of the light wave. The communication may be through free space, fibers or waveguides. These are used to transfer the information with an optical beam, and this beam can be used in various communication schemes to enable the most effective or desired method of moving the information, including optical multiplexing when plural information signals or plural transmitters and receivers are utilized.

Subclass 66: Broadcast and distribution system
Subclass 68: WDM
Subclass 79: Wavelength division or frequency division (e.g., Raman, Brillouin, etc.)