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Drop Bed Trailer    

Drop-bed trailer tested and proven over 50,000 miles - used for towing a motorcycle to a smart car, easily operated by one person.


A drop-bed trailer, designed to carry anything from a motorcycle, ATV, smart car, scissor lift, golf cart, snow-mobile, Pwc, piano, and so much more. The trailer can be operated by one person, on a vehicle or tounge stand, will work on level or sloping ground.

The trailer has an independent coil spring suspension, balanced when loaded allows towing by a 4 cylinder vehicle. The trailer has a low center of gravity with 8" of ground clearance which reduces wind drag. No ramps are required to load items onto the trailer, simply drop the trailer, drive on or off - your feet never have to leave the ground.

The trailer is designed for the safe stable loading and unloading of motorcycles, disabled or running, by one person, without using wind dragging ramps. Safe for the operator and the object being loaded. Expanded use for most recreational vehicles, including a smart car. No lifting required to load thereby reducing the risk of back injury, trailer can be loaded attached to a vehicle or while on the tounge stand provided.

Primary Application of the Technology

Toy Trailer Market
Towing companies, ideal for rentals.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Some drop bed trailers only work unattached from a tow vehicle and are difficult to connect back to the tow vehicle when loaded. Others require more than one person to operate - most trailers in this group have steel leaf springs which provide a very stiff ride when empty. Typically the loading bed is 21 plus inches off the ground, causing more wind drag and higher fuel consumption for a tow vehicle. Some trailers have a much higher center of gravity which can lead to a roll over in an emergency situation. Lastly, weight and tounge load weight is a limitation to cargo capacity.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The patented suspension allows the trailer to lower it's back end to ground level single handedly! The owner then drives the vehicle up onto the trailer safely and easily, no ramp required. Consumer safety and ease of operation were a priority in the concept and design.

By providing a low center of gravity the trailer has less drag and therefore provides better fuel economy for the towing vehicle. The independent coil spring suspension provides a smoother ride loaded or empty, and again reduces wind drag.

The trailer can be manufactured as a single or double wide - both designs use common parts to reduce manufacturer costs, these parts provide greater strength per lower weight design. The bearing connected swing arms are interchangeable between a single wide and a double wide trailer.

Sturdy motorcycle chocks and other tie-downs are fastened with stainless steel bolts for durability and good looks.

Competitive Advantage

- User safety was a top priority in the design of this drop bed trailer.
- Balanced weight when loaded allows easy towing with a four cylinder vehicle.
- No wind dragging ramps or tailgate.
- Low center of gravity with 8" ground clearance reducing wind drag and increasing fuel economy to a tow vehicle.
- Independent coil spring suspension provides smooth ride for cargo.
- Drop-bed design works on level or un-level ground while attached to the tow vehicle.
- The trailer will not dog-walk while being loaded while on the tounge stand.
- Auto-brake winch stops the operating action of the trailer from dropping when handle is released.
- Trailer does not require a jack to change a tire
- Trailer can be used for numerous recreational products.

Comments on Deal Structure, Potential Terms and Restrictions

Us patent, Canadian patent, trademark, website and incorporated name are all available for sale.

CAD shop drawings certified by Canadian engineer will be provided as part of a complete transaction.
Seller is available to provide hands on assistance if required.

Trailer has been manufactured in small quantities and sold locally by the seller. Seller receives inquiries from both the U.S. and Canada from individuals and dealers looking to buy this toy trailer.

Additional Information

Canadian Engineered certified

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Class 280: Land Vehicles

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