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Hemodialysis catheter    

Single tip double lumen continuous flow hemodialysis catheter for kidney dialysis patients. FDA approved.


This is a single tip double lumen continuous flow hemodialysis catheter for kidney dialysis patients. The special catheter tip design increases throughput and reduces flow recirculation over conventional designs. This leads to increased safety and comfort level for the patient, and reduced dialysis time. Technology is FDA approved.

Primary Application of the Technology

Hemodialysis of patients with impaired or no kidney function.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

This catheter is for hemodialysis (removal of waste product in the blood) of patients with kidney failure. The new catheter tip design has the potential to shorten therapeutic time (hospital stay) and reduce discomfort levels for kidney patients.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The novel feature of this catheter is the presence of a diverting structure (shoulder shape) that has a straight up distal face and a sloped proximal face. The diverting structure functions to reduce access recirculation and to raise pressure in the vicinity of the inlet aperture.

The concept of placing a diverting structure was conceived during large number of numerical experiments. The location as well as the shape of the diverting structure was also optimized using CFD simulations.

Competitive Advantage

The new catheter performs better than other catheters currently available on the market.
•Allows higher flow rates and reduced suction pressure
•Operates with minimal access recirculation
•Shows a linear variation of threshold venous flow rate with respect to the catheter flow rate

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