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Home Automation & Power Technologies    

Covers devices and technologies which relate to home automation and power


Networking power plug device which can automate outlet control, allowing remote management of power flow. It also includes a novel rotating power receptacle, capable of allowing interface from a variety of angles. Also present are technologies covering surge protecting circuitry and power strips, as well as a cigarette lighter plug for insertion into a cigarette lighter socket, such as those found in motor vehicles and passenger jet seating.

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 307: Electrical Transmission Or Interconnection Systems

This is the residual class for all subject matter, not elsewhere classified, relating to electrical transmission or interconnection systems.

Subclass 12: Common conductor or return type
Subclass 38: Selectively connected or controlled load circuits
Subclass 40: Code-controlled
Subclass 41: Sequential or alternating
Subclass 85: Connecting or disconnecting
Subclass 125: Electrical
Subclass 126: Power or energy
Subclass 130: Voltage
Subclass 131: Current
Subclass 139: Switch actuation
Subclass 140: Power circuit controlled

Class 439: Electrical Connectors

This is the generic class for a pair of mated conductors comprising at least two electrically conducting elements which are interconnected to permit relative motion of such conducting elements during use without a break in electrical conductivity therebetween. Also, this is the generic class for a device constituting an electricity conducting contact between conductors of electricity; wherein the joint is of a type which may be readily made and broken, repeatedly by attachment and detachment of contact supporting structure on each conductor.

Subclass 13: Rotary movement
Subclass 668: Having only push-pull-engaging contacts spaced along longitudinal axis of engagement (e.g., jack-type receptacle or plug)
Subclass 770: Clamping cam or wedge

Class 361: Electricity: Electrical Systems And Devices

Systems or devices which provide safety and protection for other systems and devices; control circuits for electromagnetic devices and non-electromagnetic-type relays. Systems or devices which discharge, or prevent the accumulation of electrical charge on or in an object or material; circuits for charging objects or materials. Systems for generating or conducting an electric charge. Systems which process electrical speed signals. Circuits for reversing the polarity of an electric circuit. Systems which cause the ignition of a fuel or an explosive charge. Systems and processes for demagnetizing a magnetic field. Transformers and inductors with integral switch, capacitor or lock. Electrostatic capacitors, per se. Housings and mounting assemblies with plural diverse electrical components. Electrolytic systems and devices.

Subclass 104: With fuse
Subclass 111: Transient responsive
Subclass 118: Surge prevention (e.g., choke coil)
Subclass 119: In communication systems
Subclass 56: Voltage responsive
Subclass 91.1: Overvoltage

Class 290: Prime-Mover Dynamo Plants

Production and transmission of electric power and does not include any specific use to which the power is put.

Subclass 1A: Unitary plant
Subclass 1E: Spring motor

Class 310: Electrical Generator Or Motor Structure

This is the residual class for all subject matter, not elsewhere classified, relating to electrical generator or motor structure.

Subclass 15: Reciprocating
Subclass 20: Motion-converting mechanism
Subclass 27: Fixed and movable wound elements
Subclass 36: Oscillating