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Improving the Radio Frequency Linearithy of Silicon-on-Insulator MOSFET Circuits    

A method for improving the RF linearity of SOI MOSFET circuits. Provides improved linearity of mixed signal, radio frequency, analog integrated SOI circuits.


A method for determining output conductance transition-free body resistances for SOI MOSFETs to eliminate their output conductance transition in the RF range . As a result, improved linearity is obtained which leads to improved harmonic distortions (HD) and better total harmonic distortions (THD).

For example - improved third order output intercept point for low noise amplifier (LNA) is obtained.

Primary Application of the Technology

Semiconductors, Transistors, RF devices, Mobile systems, RF Wireless applications, Smart phones

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Higher linearity and smaller total harmonic distortions are the benefits obtained from the technology. The smart designer dreams of better linearity in circuits. There are techniques in the circuit level that helps to linearize the integrated circuits. However, the invention improves the linearity in the transistor level and is achievable by modification to the layout through number of fingers adjustment.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The problem is to make RF circuits that are more linear. So that the circuits operate more linearly and harmonic distortion figures are less. The solution is to eliminate the transition in the output conductance of transistors. As a result the transistors in the signal path are in transition-free regime. The method to achieve this is by body resistance and layout number of fingers adjustment. A paper explaining the concept is published in prestigious IEEE Trans. on Electron Devices. Choose "Tell Me More" to request a link to the IEEE paper.

Competitive Advantage

The technology improves the circuit linearity. The electronic devices operated in the RF range benefits from this invention. Using this technology, the devices are more linear, less interaction, less interference, the electronic devices are lighter and smaller, the circuits are less complex and more efficient.

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 716: Data Processing: Design And Analysis Of Circuit Or Semiconductor Mask

This class provides for electrical data processing apparatus and corresponding methods for the following subject matter: for sketching, designing, and analyzing circuit components; for planning, designing, analyzing, and devising a template used for etching circuit pattern on semiconductor wafers.

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