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Power Adapter and Battery Charger with Absolutely Zero Standby Power-loss    

External power adapter and battery charger that consume no power in standby mode.


There is increasing concern about electrical and electronic equipment that waste energy. Especially of concern is power that is wasted by devices that are idle but still consuming standby power. The techniques included in this patent are able to completely eliminate the wasted standby power, resulting in zero watts being wasted.

Primary Application of the Technology

Electronic and electrical equipment manufacturers

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 307: Electrical Transmission Or Interconnection Systems

This is the residual class for all subject matter, not elsewhere classified, relating to electrical transmission or interconnection systems.

Subclass 119: Mechanical force

Class 363: Electric Power Conversion Systems

Conversion systems wherein a single electrical source circuit is coupled to a single electrical load circuit.

Subclass 146: Encased in plug housing

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