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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 252: Compositions

(A) Compositions of matter, having or not having structure, physical form or heterogeneous arrangement of components and for which there is no provision elsewhere. (B) Packages of such compositions, or other articles which include such compositions for which there is no provision elsewhere. (C) Processes of making, or peculiar to making, such compositions and for which there is no provision elsewhere. (D) Apparatus for use in or peculiar to such processes and for which there is no provision elsewhere.

Subclass 188.25: Hydrogen generating
Subclass 188.26: Hydride containing
Subclass 188.27: Contains Al-H bond

Class 420: Alloys Or Metallic Compositions

This is the generic class for alloys containing metal or metallic compositions which contain a continuous phase of metal and methods of making same not provided elsewhere. This class will also take "elemental" metal, per se.

Subclass 543: Titanium, zirconium, hafnium, vanadium, niobium, or tantalum containing

Class 429: Chemistry: Electrical Current Producing Apparatus, Product, And Process

This class is the generic class for devices which produce an electrical current by means of a chemical reaction or change in physical state (e.g., from liquid to gas, etc.). Also included are the following subject matter not provided for elsewhere. 1. Structural combinations of the device, subcombinations and elements thereof. 2. Electrolyte, compositions of the same, and process of preparation. 3. Process of operating the device. 4. Miscellaneous process involving the device.cata

Class 48: Gas: Heating And Illuminating

To gas for heating and illuminating purposes and includes apparatus, processes, and compositions for the manufacture of such gas and means for the purification, distribution, and storage thereof.

Subclass 61: GENERATORS
Subclass 65: Electric
Subclass 204: Water

Class 137: Fluid Handling

Fluid material handling, and takes processes, systems, combinations, subcombinations and certain elements pertaining thereto not otherwise classified. Fluid materials include gas and liquids primarily, but the handling of other flowable materials, as fluent granular solids, is also found. Handling of fluent material by flow, as by confining, directing, causing and/or controlling the flow, and includes making the material available for flow or separating a smaller from a larger body of fluid material, as by tanks, containers, receivers, traps, etc., or pipes or conduits, with or without siphons, pumps, pressure or displacing fluids or other flow imparting means.

Subclass 113: Control by depletion of source

Class 141: Fluent Material Handling, With Receiver Or Receiver Coacting Means

Transfer of fluent material, gaseous, liquid or flowable granular solids, through a flow confining system, the source and terminal or receiver parts of which are normally separable. Each part therefore must comprise an entity capable of use independent of the other, and together the parts provide a flow path from a source or dispenser to a terminal part or receiver, thereby comprising a filling system. This class takes a mere dispenser-receiver combination where separability is claimed or is inherent, and also takes means to deliver material to a receiver when there is claimed some system characteristic which peculiarly relates the receiver to the dispenser to define a coaction of one with the other to complete the dispenser-receiver relationship. Includes processes of varying gaseous conditions in a vessel or container. The scope of this class does not include method and apparatus for handling fluent material except in a manner characteristic of fluid flow.

Subclass 21: By operation of means causing or controlling dispensing
Subclass 22: Removable dispenser is supply container closure
Subclass 51: Gas condition control in housing for receiver
Subclass 82: Heating or cooling
Subclass 95: Level or pressure in receiver

Class 360: Dynamic Magnetic Information Storage Or Retrieval

This class is an integral part of Class 369, Dynamic Information Storage or Retrieval, and is the specific class for apparatus and corresponding processes for the storage and retrieval of information based on relative movement between a magnetic record carrier and a transducer. It includes apparatus and corresponding processes for making copies or editing of records falling within the above definition. A magnetic record carrier within the meaning of this class is an element which consists of a magnetizable material or is comprised of a coating or impregnation of magnetizable material which is intended for the storage of more than a single bit of information.

Subclass 59: Thermomagnetic recording or transducers
Subclass 131: RECORD MEDIUM
Subclass 132: In container

Class 428: Stock Material Or Miscellaneous Articles

This is the residual class for: 1. Stock material in the form of a structurally defined web, sheet, rod, strand, fiber, filament, cell, flake, particle not provided elsewhere. 2. Stock material in the form of a web, sheet, mass or layer which consists of or contains a structurally defined constituent or element. 3. A nonstructural laminate defined merely in terms of the composition of one or more layers. 4. An article of manufacture or an intermediate-article not provided for elsewhere. 5. A process for applying an impregnating material to a naturally solid product such as a wood beam, a sheet of leather or a stone, or for applying a coating to a base, and which process includes no significant method step.

Subclass 403: Coated

Class 423: Chemistry Of Inorganic Compounds

This class provides for what is generally termed the field of inorganic chemistry. It includes inorganic compounds, nonmetallic elements and processes of producing the same involving a chemical reaction. The products are generally in a relatively pure state but may be a mixture with no other utility than as a source material for an inorganic compound or element. This includes metal compound products useful in metallurgical processes of obtaining free metals.

Subclass 646: Alkali metal containing (Li, Na, K, Rb, or Cs)

Class 501: Compositions: Ceramic

This is the generic class for: Glass compositions and compositions for making glass, i.e., glass batch compositions, devitrified glass-ceramic compositions and processes for producing such compositions. These compositions may be regarded as thermoplastic compositions. Refractory compositions comprising primarily earthy, inorganic materials, and/or elemental carbon. Fired clay containing compositions in the nature of porcelain, earthenware, and similar materials. These compositions may be regarded as thermosetting compositions

Subclass 96.4: Boron nitride containing
Subclass 133: Silica containing

Class 422: Chemical Apparatus And Process Disinfecting, Deodorizing, Preserving, Or Sterilizing

This is a generic class for (1) processes of disinfecting, deodorizing, preserving or sterilizing and (2) apparatus for (a) carrying out chemical reactions, (b) preparing or treating chemical compounds or compositions even though only a physical reaction is discernible, (c) performing an analysis which involves either a chemical reaction or a physical reaction not elsewhere provided, for and (d) carrying out the above processes not elsewhere provided for.

Subclass 211: Including solid, extended surface, fluid contact reaction means; e.g., inert Raschig rings, particulate absorbent, particulate or monolithic catalyst, etc.
Subclass 239: Reaction chamber includes at least one perforated, porous, or semipermeable wall and is adapted for holding solid reactant

Class 700: Data Processing: Generic Control Systems Or Specific Applications

This class is structured into two main divisions: (1)for the combination of a data processing or calculating computer apparatus (or corresponding methods for performing data processing or calculating operations) AND a device or apparatus controlled thereby, the entirety hereinafter referred to as a "control system". (2)for data processing or calculating computer apparatus (or corresponding methods for performing data processing or calculating operations) wherein the data processing or calculating computer apparatus is designed for or utilized in a particular art device, system, process, or environment, or is utilized for the solution of a particular problem in a field other than mathematics (arithmetic processing per se is classified elsewhere).

Subclass 266: Chemical process control or monitoring system
Subclass 274: Control of combustion or heating apparatus (e.g., kiln, furnace, autoclave, burner, combusion system)