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Road Surface and Resurfacing Method    

Repairing roads and pavements -- method for effectively repairing holes, crevices and other openings in an asphalt road.


This method provides an alternative to tar based adhesive for solidifying and finishing asphalt. It helps fill in pores of the asphalt to strengthen its texture and provide added durability. In addition, it provides vehicles with better traction and stopping power, increasing the degree of safety for commuters and travelers and contributes a shield against the effects of temperature differences during the seasons.

Primary Application of the Technology

Road construction and repairs

How the Technology Solves the Problem

1. Using this process provides a cheap and better alternative to tar based applications for repairing and paving roads.
2. It protects the road against brittleness in the cold and expansion in the heat.
3. The method maintains the durability of the paved road for longer, reducing the costs of reconstructing the road frequently.
4. It adds a safety factor, increasing the surface area upon which tires make contact, making traction and friction more prevalent.

Competitive Advantage

Besides adding stability and longevity to the asphalt upon which it is applied, it provides a degree of safety for people that use the road. Refining asphalt with this process will increase the stopping power of the cars traveling on it. Many accidents happen when cars traveling on high speeds lose contact with the ground, skid, fishtail, or jackknife. This process provides its applicants a combination of longevity and an added safety factor to asphalt.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does sand play a role in the process?

1) Sand provides a volume to the voids found naturally in asphalt, creating a more cohesive molecular structure that can withstand temperature differences.
2) It adds a factor of traction that will help cars maintain contact with the ground and reduce car accidents
3) It provides a durability factor as the mixture increases the density of the asphalt and maintains stability

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 404: Road Structure, Process, Or Apparatus

This class provides for (1) highway, pathway or walkway structure, per se, including the form or arrangement of such structure for vehicular or foot traffic; (2) processes for making, installing, repairing or maintaining such structure; and (3) apparatus for installing, making, repairing or maintaining such structure where such structure, apparatus or process is not otherwise classifiable as either (a) specifically provided for in other loci or (b) of such general utility as to be provided for elsewhere on the basis of such general utility.

Subclass 75: In situ treatment of earth or roadway

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