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Modular Swappable Battery Cartridges for Electric Vehicles    

Modular battery system that allows to plug different battery modules to a car or motorcycle electric drive system depending on the charge level and on the range.


A battery system for an automobile or motorcycle is buit up of several (2 to 5) battery modules or cartridges adapted to be charged independantly. In this way, an automobile or motorcycle can have a milleage range according to the number of battery modules or cartridges that are pluged and charged and to their charge level. An exhausted battery module or cartridge can easily be replaced by a charged one purchased at service stores as a service provided by a dealer or service station. Alternatively, one can acquire his/her own battery modules or cartridges and charge them at will at home (or in public premises) depending on the charge level of the modules or cartridges.

JP counterpart patent is already issued and, like the rest of pending patents, it has excellent short broad independent claims.

Primary Application of the Technology

Electric Car/Motorcycle Industry
Smart Grids
Low Carbon Technologies

Competitive Advantage

JP patent granted. Possibly being infringed.
US application publication has already received 2 backward citations.

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