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Protective covers for wine and drinks glasses    

Glasscovers for wine and drinks glasses, also function as coasters, that provide protection from airborne pollution and insects while generating advertising opportunities.


Glasscovers is a practical three-in-one product for wine, beer and juice drinking glasses; it can be used as a protective glasscover and a coaster. Glasscovers can also be used for promotional and advertising purposes. 100 mm diameter glasscovers fit on top of drinking glasses and provide protection from airborne pollution and insects. Glasscovers can be attached to wineglass rims, using innovative die-cut tabs, to stop them sliding off. Glasscovers have access holes for drink straws and stirrers. Glasscovers can be placed under drinking glasses as promotional advertising coasters. Glasscovers are flat, stackable, easy to use, disposable and environmentally friendly.

Primary Application of the Technology

Glasscovers for wineglasses are an excellent hygiene solution for hotels, bars, wine bars and restaurants with outdoor dining and drinking facilities - by providing protection for customer's drinking glasses from airborne pollution, flies and insects. Glasscovers are the ideal promotional and advertising media for outdoor sporting tournaments, exhibitions, conferences, awards ceremonies, cultural and social events where food and refreshments are being supplied and where sponsors can reach consumers direct.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Air pollution, flies, insects and dust are a constant problem for people dining and drinking in the open air or in hotels, restaurants, bars and diners with outdoor dining and drinking facilities. Glasscovers for wineglasses are protective paperboard covers for drinking glasses that can be attached to drinking glasses using inventive die-cut tabs that are part of the Glasscovers design, without these die-cut tabs Glasscovers will slip off drinking glasses. Promotional Glasscovers provide instant protection for drinking glasses from airborne pollution and insects. As a two-in-one product Glasscovers can function either a Glasscovers or coasters.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

Glasscovers for wineglasses require no adhesives or extra layers to become secure on drinking glasses. Glasscovers have unique inventive die-cut tabs, which when pushed downwards engage with the top inside rim of drinking glasses to inhibit the Glasscovers from slipping off the drinking glasses. The Glasscovers die-cut tabs allow access for drinking straws and stirrers. People with impaired sight can attach Glasscovers to drinking glasses by feeling the die-cut impressions on top of the glasscovers.

Competitive Advantage

Glasscovers for wineglasses are less expensive to produce than competitor glasscovers and they can be supplied in a one-size 100 mm diameter that will cover a wide range of drinking glass sizes normally used in hotels, bars and restaurants. Competitor glass covers are glass size specific i.e. a 55 mm diameter glass must use a 55 mm glass cover. Hotels, bars and restaurants would require 35 competitor glasscover cap sizes in stock (and a lot of storage space) to cover the same range of glasses covered by Glasscovers for wineglasses. Glasscovers for wineglasses require very little bar storage space and are easy to use and serve with drinks either as Glasscovers or drinks coasters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use our Glasscovers for wineglasses?
Glasscovers protect the contents of drinking glasses from air pollution, dust and flies especially when drinking in open-plan areas and outdoor restaurants and bars. Glasscovers for wineglasses deliver cost effective advertising and promotions directly to the consumers/drinkers.

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