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Anchor Device - an automatic mooring device.    

A unique anchor automatic retrieval system that offers several benefits compared to a traditional anchor tripping line:


The anchor device has a number of advantages:

1. It’s always ready to use: the difference with any traditional mooring is that it doesn’t need to be programmed in advance to take into account a rocky seafloor or dyneem connection.

2. It’s universal: it adapts to all the most popular anchors.

3. Double function: it’s ready to use either with snagged anchors, with dyneem connection, with marine cables amongst other situations. So it operates in both “mooring mode” and as a safety anchor-chain.

4. “command body-mass (a body formed by two semi-cylinders) ” is used only when necessary and it’s controlled by a main line. It can be stored in a remote place out of the way.

5. It doesn’t take much space on deck and mooring doesn’t require uneasy buoys and long ropes on board.

6. It’s very compact and its length is similar to the most popular anchor hinges: adaptable to 95% of boats.

7. Its design already includes the connection hinge anchor-chain with the breaking weight being heavier than the chain.

8. It includes an automatic self-straightener system of the anchor in case it reaches the boat twisted. One piece, with different functions!

9. Once it’s taken-off, the anchor is recuperated by its main chain using the anchor coiler on board. No effort!

10. Unique in its class: once the system is activated, the chain is dropped by the anchor which gets automatically connected to the lanyard to be recoiled; in case the anchor is still snagged in a peculiar way (impossible to recoil), the lanyard will be stretched to its limit, abandoning the anchor but recoiling the chain.

11. Safe: no accidental unfastening, it only happens through a voluntary action, the mechanism has a breaking weight heavier than the chain.
the patented device allows you to recoil snagged anchors with an estimated success of 99% of the time when snagging is caused by dyneem connection, cables, and 80% of the times in those caused by rocky seafloor. It is necessary that the chain is not snagged so that it can be taut on an angle of at least 50 degrees directly to the eye of the anchor. Once the command body-mass is programmed on the chain and has been let slip quickly until it hits the block/release mechanism, the system will open. Thanks to the main cable joined to the command body-mass it’s possible to repeat the operation easily, adjusting angle and tautness of the chain, in case it didn’t unfasten the first time.

Primary Application of the Technology

Boats and ships

The Problem Solved by the Technology

easily unhook the anchor stranded

Competitive Advantage

there are other products but with less features for both convenience and security.

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