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Device for Supercharging Internal Combustion Engine    

A supercharger system for supercharging a vehicle engine to increase performance.


The patented invention provides a controller module that can effectively integrate a modular supercharger system with a vehicle onboard computer system.

The technology provides increased performance, reduced emissions, decreased fuel consumption, reduced sound and decreases the temperature of compressed air that exits the supercharger system.

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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 123: Internal-Combustion Engines

Inventions relating to prime movers or engines in which a combustible material is burned within an inc losed space or chamber and the heat energy thus developed converted into work by permitting the resulting products of combustion to act upon and through mechanical powers, the engine in question including suitable mechanism whereby the functions above enumerated are continually and automatically carried out, and such engine being designed to communicate power to some machine or device exterior to itself. This class also includes separate parts of engines coming within the above definition and also subordinate elements designed for use with such engines, and incapable of use in the manner contemplated with other devices or in other relations.

Subclass 383: Supercharger
Subclass 559.1: Supercharger
Subclass 563: Intercooler
Subclass 564: Boost control
Subclass 184.42: Manifold having plenum
Subclass 184.49: Interconnection between plenums
Subclass 184.61: Manifold material or composition

Class 701: Data Processing:Vehicles, Navigation, And Relative Location

This class provides for electrical computers, digital data processing systems, and data processing processes for transferring data between computers or processes wherein the computers or processes employ the data before or after transferring and the employing affects the transfer of data therebetween. This class is for electricalapparatus and corresponding methods for performing data processing operations in which there is a significant change in the data or for performing calculation operations wherein the electrical data processing system or calculating computer functions to indicate a condition of a vehicle, to regulate the movement of a vehicle, to monitor the operation of a vehicle, or to solve a diagnostic problem with the vehicle. It also provides electrical apparatus and corresponding methods wherein the electrical data processing system or calculating computer function to determine the course, position, or distance traveled. It further provides electrical apparatus and corresponding methods wherein the electrical data processing system or calculating computer functions to determine the relative location of an object (e.g., person or vehicle) and may include communication of the determined relative location to a remote location. In this class there are three main divisions: 1. vehicle control, guidance, operation or indication; 2. navigation; 3. relative location

Subclass 100: Gas turbine, compressor
Subclass 101: Internal-combustion engine
Subclass 102: Digital or programmed data processor

Class 477: Interrelated Power Delivery Controls, Including Engine Control

This is the class for structure wherein operation of an engine either regulates or is regulated by the operation of a clutch, a gear transmission, or a brake.


Class 60: Power Plants

The residual class concerned with the driving of a load by the conversion of heat, pressure, radiant, or gravitational energy into mechanical motion. It includes a motor in combination with its energy supply or its exhaust treatment. It also includes the motors, per se, combinations of motors, and elements specialized for use in such energy conversion that are not specifically provided for elsewhere.

Subclass 599: With means to change temperature of supercharged flow