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Solar Heat Collector    

Solar heat collector with unique design that prevents overheating of collector and installation and permits enhance efficiency and reliability of the solar collector system


The technology is based in a system comprising a double siphon device, provided on an upper manifold of a solar collector set, a 3-way thermovalve and an upstream dissipator, that avoids undesired heating of collectors when exposed to an extra sun radiation in summer time or in supper radiated areas/sates, and/or when no heat is needed from the installation. The up-to-date solar collectors have a reduced life span due to the undesired overheating of the fluids and the materials in summer time or when no heat (hor water or heating water) is demanded from the installation (either hot water or heating). This patented system avoids harmful overheating of thermal fluid (water) and materials, allowing a noticeable increase in the time span of the collectors. The system can add 10 extra years to the duration of the collectors.

Primary Application of the Technology

Producton of solar energy

Competitive Advantage

Increases life span of solar collectors and installations and maintenance costs with a low investemnt. High ROI.

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