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Filtered Hydration System Life Jacket with Concealed Hood and Waterproof Pockets    

A life jacket that protects an individual from prolonged exposure to the elements.


When stranded at sea or in water, a person is exposed to many environmental hazards. Aside from drowning, a the individual risks harm from being exposed to the water itself. Hypothermia can set in when extremities are exposed to water temperatures below cord body temperature over a prolonged period. Plus salt water can draw water from exposed skin leading to potential dehydration.

This life jacket can overcome limitations of other safety equipment and comprises of a vest having a front panel and a back and the vest being filled with a flotation foam; a hydration pack capable of providing hydration to a user of the life jacket with the hydration pack including an insulated bladder, filter and mouthpiece, the hydration pack further having a top and bottom, where the top of the vest the front panel is attached to the top of the hydration pack, the hydration pack includes a flow tube connecting the bladder to the mouthpiece with an inline filter; a hydration pack waist strap; a neo-prene hood with brim with the hood being deployed from a rolled up configuration; a waterproof, insulated pocket, the pocket including a sealing plastic zipper and a reflective coating.

Primary Application of the Technology

Water Safety Equipment - Military, water recreation, fishing, boating, commercial cruise ships

The Problem Solved by the Technology

There are life jackets that offer hydration packs as accessories you pay for,as attachments. This jacket provides a filtered hydration system with deployable neoprene hood and waterproof insulated pockets all in one jacket.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

Provides hydration in a life jacket to possibly prevent dehydration, heat exhaustion in emergency situations. Keeps electronics waterproof, insulated and dry. Such as, cell phone, GPS system.

Competitive Advantage

An all in one life saving system that has added securities not found in any other personal flotation device.

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