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Construction Patent - Support Structure For Soft Ground    

A universal modular support structure for all-year-round construction on most problematic soft soils with the highest load-bearing capacity


The technology is used for the construction of various foundations, sites include helicopter decks, roads - including temporary passages for heavy machinery. It is more functional for construction in severe conditions, such as peats, water-fogged and over-damp soils, heaving soils, ever-frozen subsoil, earthquake regions, shifting sands, as well as disposal dumps and other mixed fillings. It is easily assembled and characterized by high speed of assembly and dismantling, highest load-bearing capacity, especially on soft soils and it allows all-year-round construction work in severe conditions.

It is environmentally friendly - preserves soil after dismantling of temporary passages or foundations.

Primary Application of the Technology

- Construction Industry: constructing on soft soils and other problematic soils and for quick construction of cottages and cottage villages, including roads.

- Oil and gas Industry: when developing new sites and service of oil and gas tubes

- By companies engaged in exploitation of disposal dumps

The Problem Solved by the Technology

The engineering problem of the present invention is to increase the holding capacity, safety and service life, construction speed, as well as to provide an even top surface of foundations, various sites and roads on a number of various soft and non-stable soils.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The engineering problem is solved thanks to the combination of several support structures, each of which comprising several elements containing a plate, on the lower bearing surface of which there is an anchor element and anchoring projections in the form of hooks which fit into the projecting parts of anchor elements of the neighboring support structures. High bearing capacity is provided by the anchor elements which in a unique way distribute the load and involve into work the deepest layers of a soft ground. High speed of construction is provided by simplicity of joining support structures with each other.

Competitive Advantage

There are several basic competitive advantages:
1 The structure is multi-functional which means that having a batch of the same support structures for a soft ground( further we'll call them 'USS' - support structures) we can construct in various conditions various foundations, various sites and roads or combine them all together in one engineering solution(e.g. a foundation of a shopping mall + the facilities: a site for a parking lot + passages to this supermarket etc. can be made out of USS). Also out of USS we can construct bases for high embankments, ports on over-flooded river and sea banks.
Besides, we needn't thoroughly explore subsoils and every time find a new technical solution. USS allow constructing foundations on normal and soft soils for:
- low-storey buildings, industrial buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, petrol stations, transformer substations, large tanks for oil products.
2. the highest bearing capacity which demonstrates itself the best on soft soils. USS work effectively on soils with the bearing capacity 1.4 psi and even less, i.e. on a marsh having the bearing capacity 3 times less than enough to hold a man. In most cases have the bearing capacity per unit area many times higher than the bearing capacity of the piles foundations or foundations set on the piles set against on firm soil.
3. construction of sites, foundations and roads is possible all year round, i.e. in winter period and during the period of high level of subsoil waters
4. all USS constructions are easy and quick to assemble and if necessary as easy and quick to dismantle
5. all USS constructions do not need specially prepared firm and even surface base - all you need is relatively plain surface.
6. high degree of vibration immunity which allows working effectively in earthquake regions and under dynamic vibration of heavy machinery.
7. USS are immune to frost boil and water flooding
8. USS constructions preserve natural state of soft soil and peats ecosystem and also have a number of other ecological advantages
9. are cheaper than any traditional types of foundations for soft soils ( including piles foundations and even screw piles) and cheaper than most types of foundations for normal soils. Sites and roads constructed on USS are cheaper than those constructed on dura-base mats and other prefabricated units as USS do not need a special basis under them.

Comments on Deal Structure, Potential Terms and Restrictions

Our first and foremost aim is for the patent to be owned by a company which is actually able to effectively apply it in different areas

Additional Information

We have experience of construction of experimental sites on this technology.

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