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Plug-in Wireless Communication Dongles, Cards & Modules and the Devices that use them    

For Mobile handsets / smartphones / tablets, Laptops, Cameras, Printers, Routers, Game Consoles, etc.


These inventions describe the modules and the systems devices that employ them for providing Cellular, WiFi/802.11, Bluetooth, GPS etc. wireless communication services and features. Applications also include modular wireless mobile phones.

The seller may consider selling these patents individually.

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 455: Telecommunications

This is the generic class for modulated carrier wave communications not elsewhere classifiable.

Subclass 418: Programming control
Subclass 419: Remote programming control
Subclass 432.2: System format conversion
Subclass 435.1: Registration
Subclass 550.1: Radiotelephone equipment detail
Subclass 552.1: Operable on more than one system
Subclass 556.1: Integrated with other device
Subclass 557: Interface attached device (e.g., interface with modem, facsimile, computer, etc.)
Subclass 558: Card control element

Class 348: Television

Generating, processing, transmitting or transiently displaying a sequence of images, either locally or remotely, in which the local light variations composing the images may change with time.

Subclass 376: Portable or hand-held

Class 726: Information Security

This class provides, within a computer or digital data processing system, for processes or apparatus for increasing a system s extension of protection of system hardware, software, or data from maliciously caused destruction, unauthorized modification, or unauthorized disclosure. It provides for protection of data processing systems, apparatus, and methods as well as protection of information and services. Subject matter included in this class includes security policies, access control, monitoring, scanning data, countermeasures, usage control, and data protection from maliciously caused destruction, unauthorized modification, or unauthorized disclosure, and includes protection of hardware, and user protection, e.g., privacy, etc.

Subclass 9: Tokens (e.g., smartcards or dongles, etc.)