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Machine Learning for Web Search and Peer Sharing of Models    

User generates content-based model and sends to web index to retrieve dense results; system finds users with similar interests.


System allows users to define a content-based seed set, and machine learning algorithms create vector space model. Model is sent through API to a web index, such as Yandex, Google or Yahoo, and retrieves web-based content which has a nearness to the model. User enjoys higher quality results, while also enjoying serendipity for a complex topic. Vector space models are compared across users, and users with similar models are identified, allowing better collaboration.

Primary Application of the Technology

Social Media
Enterprise Search
Business Intelligence
Forensic Investigations

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Class 707: Data Processing:Database And File Management Or Data Structures

This is the generic class for data processing apparatus and corresponding methods for the retrieval of data stored in a database or as computer files. It provides for data processing means or steps for generic data, file and directory upkeeping, file naming, and file and database maintenance including integrity consideration, recovery, and versioning. There are three main divisions: 1. database and file accessing; 2. database schema and data structure; 3. file and database maintenance.