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Safety Cooking Lid    

This product solves at least 15,000 years - old problem of stability of cookware lid in its habitually displaced position.


The safety cooking lid has key benefits:

1. Adds safety when displacing a lid on a pot for ventilation/emptying of the pot.
2. Adds convenience (the opening can be easily adjusted);
3. Supports habitual way of ventilating/emptying the pot, intuitively clear, no paradigm shift;
4. No need to use a special pot;
5. No buttons, no moving parts;
6. No need in metal flange that can comprise nickel (allergic, especially for women) and damage non-stick surface of the pot;
7. Allows immediate visual check of ventilation degree;
8. Can be used on shallow pans;
9. Can be used on the pots with L-shaped brim (high aftermarket potential);
10. Provides much faster drain of fine content;
11. Immediate eye-catcher on the shelf, wow!-effect;
12. Low cost of production, similar to that of conventional glass lids, just a mould to be changed;
13. Additional aesthetic opportunity thanks to the "wings";
14. Great for selling on TV as can be presented really dramatically;
15. Great for returning sales (different sizes, as a gift showing care - safety feature).

Primary Application of the Technology


The Problem Solved by the Technology

Millions of cooks all over the world still (and will) prefer displacing cookware lids for ventilating their cooking and emptying the pans. During this simple operation they face challenges, some of them ending with fallen lids, lost cooking or even scalds.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The product solves the problem in the simplest, intuitively clear and habitual way. Only small lugs should be added to the lid's rim/

Competitive Advantage

The safety cooking lid is superior to conventional cookware and vented cookware lids because:

1. It's safe and convenient when used in habitual way (both ventilation and pouring);
2. Intuitively clear, no paradigm shift;
3. Visual check of ventilation degree;
4. No need to use special pan;
5. No buttons, no holes, no moving parts - durable, easy to wash;
6. Any part of a pot can be intensively ventilated;
7. Can be used on shallow pans;

Patent Summary

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Class 220: Receptacles

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Subclass 366.1: Vent at closure, closure support juncture
Subclass 573.1: COOKWARE (E.G., POT, BAKING PAN)
Subclass 820: About axis at right angle to plane of closure
Subclass 824: Including means to limit pivoting movement