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Diaper with Intergrated Pocket/Waste Bag    

Convenient, easy clean up and disposal of a diaper - suitable for child and adult diapers.


An all in one diaper product - diaper, clean-up and disposal efficiently combined. The integrated pocket can be used to store a 'wet wipe' type product. The pocket can be sealed when the soiled diaper is pulled into the pocket for a clean and efficient disposal. The product can be manufactured easily and made available at a competitive price and a distinct competitive advantage over the current diapers on the market.

The product works via a perforated line that is is pulled apart to insert hand and retrieve an attached glove like bag that is sealed with a reversible peal and seal or zip lock closure once the enclosure is open. A wet wipe type product can be retrieved (there is the option to include this during manufacturer of the diaper). Your hand remains completely covered as you pull the diaper in on itself to store away the soiled diaper, drop in the soiled wet wipe and seal the pouch. No need for a diaper disposal bag or attempting to roll up the diaper and trying to keep it together.

Primary Application of the Technology

Diaper industry both child and adult diapers.

Competitive Advantage

A number of products are included in this disposal diaper - the diaper, a disposal bag, a glove and even a wet wipe can be provided in the integrated pocket. Once the soiled diaper is in the bag it is sealed and airtight (maximizing the containment of odor - no longer will people be exposed to the lingerng odor of a soiled diaper in a trash can)! Magnificent!

The diaper market is extremely large, the patent provides a buyer with a distinct feature that is innovative, appealing and very convenient for the consumer.

Comments on Deal Structure, Potential Terms and Restrictions

The seller is flexible and would consider both a license and out-right sale of the patent.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have only encountered 2 questions they are ....

Why in the heck is this product not available?! And can it be offered at a reasonable price?.....the answers are ...Its not available yet because it has not been put in the hands of the right people and YES it can be offered at a very competitive price.

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