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Glow In The Dark Pet Strap (collar)    

A luminous pet collar.


The patent provides for a pet collar that will emit light (glow) when light charged from ambient light and can be visible when introduced to a less prevalent lite area. The main body of the collar strap is a clear formulated plastic with an added weight percent of Colored luminescence. (There are over 10 colors available, with: yellow/green being among the brightest). The strap has two materials molded into it. One material is for strength in the collar, the second material is to allow the luminescence in the collar strap to work more proficiently. The hardware for the collar is described in the patent. The collar is light charged to function, allowing pets to be seen and located in dark settings. The collar's design is similar to a flea collar, with a 'cut to fit' option or the extra length of strap can be restrained with the two added - sliding : "slack retainers". The Patent provides multiple choices in Designs and Materials used in the inner and outer sections of the Collar strap. The given dimensions / sizes of the collar straps, can also be adjusted for different applications.

Primary Application of the Technology

A useful pet collar for indoor and outdoor use.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

A pet collar that is light charged to re-emit light to make pets visible in darker settings.

Competitive Advantage

This collar has added inner materials for strength and performance. The Patent allows for many design options in shapes and materials used.

Frequently Asked Questions

This patent is for a specific type of collar with molded-in materials.

Additional Information

The inventor is available to answer any questions.

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