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Neck Support for a Hair Salon Sink    

Provides comfort while having your hair washed or rinsed at the hair salon. Prevents kinks and stiffness in your neck.


Interchangeable velcro inserts, position the head and cradle the neck comfortably in the correct position for washing and rinsing hair. Eliminates the cold, hard and dirty feeling of the porcelain sink on your neck.

Primary Application of the Technology

Innovative and creative opportunity for commercialization, it can be stocked anywhere salon products are sold. The product is unique but opens up a new and profitable product line for salon products.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Technology is designed to bring relief and comfort to the neck area, while having hair washed or rinsed.

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 4: Baths, Closets, Sinks, And Spittoons

Bathing apparatus, water-closets, dry closets, urinals, bed-pans, spittoons, closet tanks or cisterns, and ventilating and disinfecting apparatus for the above-noted apparatus and for sewers, except such devices as have been especially provided for in other classes.

Subclass 512: Including weir
Subclass 519: Head or neck receiving or supporting sink
Subclass 523: Body-portion rest
Subclass 575.1: Head or back

Class 297: Chairs And Seats

Devices for supporting the weight of a person in a seated position including chairs, seats, and ancillary devices

Subclass 391: HEADREST