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Ultimate Hairstyle Protecting Therapeutic Pillow    

Adjustable therapeutic three- layer special designed memory foam pillow with retractable 8 level height bar to allow users to find there desired comfort zone. Product can be used in therapeutic marke


An adjustable hairstyle protecting pillow unit complete design and function for providing adjustability to the user due to the many different comfort levels of consumers. A user of this invention can with a push of a button adjust the unit to their desired position at any comfort level when sleeping or relaxing. The unit provides to the user a high density triple layer, extremely soft memory foam to sleep and relax on which conforms to the neck, face or ear. Thus a considerably more versatile hairstyle protecting pillow unit is provided and arisen-that can be adjusted to provide more flexibility.

This uniquely designed adjustable pillow is unlike any other so-called adjustable pillow on the market because this one is truly adjustable. It provides 8 different height adjusting positions for the user to find their comfort zone.

The therapeutic design is made so comfortable with all its benefits, that it is market ready. The product has a much broader consumer base that will fulfill the need to end sleepless nights for all that suffer from neck pains, back and shoulder pains etc.

This design has the ability to serve 2 markets...the hair care industry and the health care market.

Primary Application of the Technology

Hair Care industry,

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Gives user the capability to protect there hair while sleeping or relaxing, without messing up or damaging their hairstyle. It also provides the most comfortable therapeutic experience with its adjustable design.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

Its combined memory foam features and retractable 8 level adjustable contoured non-slip design.

Additional Information

Seller does not have the marketing budget to launch this product and is looking to sell the patent and international patent application. The seller can also make available in the transaction the tooling molds, 300 units, packaging and copyright.

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