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Vehicle Weight and Cargo Load Determination Using Tire Pressure    

A simple, innovative, affordable and widely applicable on-board weigh scale system, through tire pressure differential. Any pneumatically wheeled vehicle could be equipped with such a product.


The seller has been committed to the commercialization of real-time weight-and-balance technologies for the transportation industry and our goal has been to dominate the market for on-board weigh scales and load applications for the trucking industry and introduce innovation to the aircraft industry. The objective has been to introduce its innovative product as a major new safety feature in the aircraft industry and disrupt the historical on-board weigh scale industry and help truck operators and others who use pneumatic tires to optimize their loads and improve equipment performance.

Primary Application of the Technology

Aircraft is the prime market. Secondary market is logging vehicles. Other potential markets include trucks that haul waste, agricultural products, minerals and dump trucks.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Many accidents occur around the world due to aircraft being improperly loaded. Whether it be rolling off the end of the runway or completely destroying an aircraft due to a crash, these circumstances occur due to planes being overloaded and/or unbalanced. Currently aircraft pilots are forced to perform tedious, imprecise calculations and must hope that they are accurate. There are a number of benefits for pilots and aircraft operators to know precise load data before takeoff including safety, insurance premium reductions, fuel savings and maximizing load efficiency.

Many commercial trucks are subject to legal for trade weigh scale requirements and virtually all of them seek load optimization to maximize their efficiency.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

For aircraft, poor loading practices, incorrect calculations or assumptions and exceeding center of gravity (CG) limits are all preventable with Cyclobaric’s product. The simplicity and inexpensive features of the product will especially suit cargo, military and small business aircraft, which constantly vary the characteristics of their load and are particularly vulnerable to being overweight and out of balance.

For trucks the entire system can be produced in modular units and can be installed by any truck mechanic.
The system calculates weight as close to the vehicle/road interface as possible; i.e., at the tires themselves. Unlike load cell technology, accuracy does not deteriorate with unusual load configurations. The system can be installed and configured on any pneumatically-wheeled vehicle, regardless of axle configuration (including log haulers with tridems, jeeps, and dog loggers).

Competitive Advantage

There is no established competitor to the company’s product in the aircraft industry though attempts have been made to introduce products that are very expensive.

Today most commercial hauling vehicles’ only choice is to have their loads weighed on-board by use of electronic load cell weigh devices that are expensive, have significant limitations and have a relatively low level of accuracy. The seller believes there is pent up demand for on-board scales that are reliable at legal-for-trade accuracy, can operate regardless of lateral tilt or road grade and that can be produced at competitive prices in terms purchase cost, installation, and lifecycle maintenance.

Additional Information

In November, 2013 the FAA issued a draft revision to the weight and balance advisory circular (AC).The new AC 120-27F removes the ability for aircraft operators to use the standard passenger weights and standard bag weights that are currently in use in AC 120-27E and would require operators to use actual weights of passengers and bags instead of the current standard average passenger and baggage weights, or conduct a comprehensive survey to develop average weights for each operator every three years.

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