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A Cargo Lift Device and a Cargo Shuttle System    

The cargo lift is an in-board interior lift gate or elevator system. The cargo shuttle is a dry-van or refrigerated truck body add-on module, mini container


The cargo lift system is an elevator type platform device that resides within the interior confines of a dry van type truck body. The cargo lift floor is a level section within the perimeter of the van body floor.

The cargo lift module is an attachable module with an inclusive cargo lift system, capable of being coupled to a conventional dry van or refrigerated van type truck body.

The cargo shuttle module when grounded (parked), self raises by means of ejecting the lift platform floor within, enabling it to be mated to a pre-loaded land / sea cargo container. Connection is with standard sealink couplers. Once coupled (piggy-back fashion), the unit can be trucked to a series of destinations, utilizing its integral lift platform device to off-load merchandise. The emptied unit may be directly returned to sea dock for module disconnect. Emptied container is set for re-schedule.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Conventional van body liftgates are third party add-on, outboard, after market product. This cargo lift is a system meant to be included as an O.E.M. in board loading assist feature.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

As an original equipment internal working component, quality assurance is attainable; enables weather free re-positioning of on-board cargo.

Competitive Advantage

The cargo lift is an internal working, lifting component of a van body, or a self contained module attachable to a conventional van body or land / sea container.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As an add-on feature, the cargo shuttle module can provide a secured compartment during medical supply or sensitive business document delivery.

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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 414: Material Or Article Handling

Apparatus, device, implement or method for placing or displacing particular articles in a particular manner or with reference to a particular support, for loading or unloading vehicles with materials or objects in general, charging or discharging furnaces, bins, chambers, or other receptacles, stacking or piling articles or materials, also combinations of general types of carriers or forwarding mechanisms, which types, per se, are separately classified elsewhere, and general types of elevators, cranes, or hoists when associated with special means for handling the load to place it on the carrier or remove it therefrom.

Subclass 401: Means serves to align wheeled vehicle and load receiving or relinquishing structure
Subclass 544: Elevator with laterally shiftable guides
Subclass 545: Carrier comprises movable component of load-receiving portion (e.g., tailgate, section of floor, etc.)