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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 379: Telephonic Communications

(1) Systems, processes and instruments for the two-way electrical transmission of intelligible audio information having arbitrary content over a link including an electrical conductor, between spaced apart locations, so as to enable conversation therebetween, and intended for the private use of a listener or a group of listeners. The term "intelligible" used above is intended to include the capability for transmission of speech or the like (e.g., music), rather than restriction to a specified audible signal, such as a bell or buzzer. (2) Switching, signalling or signal transmission peculiar to, or specified as for a telephone or a telephone system, except for multiplex communications as indicated in Lines With Other Classes.

Subclass 1.03: Of data transmission
Subclass 32.01: Monitoring
Subclass 88.12: Indication or notification of message
Subclass 93.07: To plural lines or networks
Subclass 112.01: Call traffic recording by computer or control processor
Subclass 114.08: Traffic
Subclass 133: Call traffic recording or monitoring
Subclass 201.01: SPECIAL SERVICES
Subclass 201.02: Service profile (e.g., calling service)
Subclass 201.05: Distribution of service (e.g., downloading, uploading)
Subclass 220.01: With interexchange network routing
Subclass 221.04: Restoration (e.g., backup, recovery)
Subclass 221.07: Parameter optimization or enhancement (e.g., capacity or bandwidth)
Subclass 221.11: Adjunct or intelligent peripheral (IP)
Subclass 229: Interexchange signalling
Subclass 230: Signalling path distinct from trunk (e.g., CCIS)
Subclass 235: Voice frequency signalling over trunk
Subclass 236: D.C. signalling over trunk
Subclass 237: Pulse or digital signalling
Subclass 240: Interexchange trunk circuit
Subclass 246: Of line or trunk

Class 370: Multiplex Communications

This is the generic class for multiplexing or duplexing systems, methods, or apparatus.

Subclass 217: Bypass an inoperative switch or inoperative element of a switching system
Subclass 218: Packet switching system or element
Subclass 221: Bypass an inoperative station
Subclass 225: Bypass an inoperative channel
Subclass 228: Spare channel
Subclass 230: Control of data admission to the network
Subclass 230.1: Traffic shaping
Subclass 232: Based on data flow rate measurement
Subclass 235: Flow control of data transmission through a network
Subclass 236: Including signaling between network elements
Subclass 238: Least cost or minimum delay routing
Subclass 241.1: Using OAM (Operation, Administration and Maintenance) cells
Subclass 242: Fault detection
Subclass 248: Path check
Subclass 252: Determination of communication parameters
Subclass 331: Hand-off control
Subclass 352: Combined circuit switching and packet switching
Subclass 356: Routing circuit switched traffic through a packet switching network
Subclass 392: Processing of address header for routing, per se
Subclass 395.1: Message transmitted using fixed length packets (e.g., ATM cells)
Subclass 395.21: Based on traffic contract (including using setup messages, QoS, delay/bandwidth requirement)
Subclass 397: Employing logical addressing for routing (e.g., VP or VC)
Subclass 401: Bridge or gateway between networks
Subclass 465: Adaptive
Subclass 522: Signaling (ancillary to main information)

Class 709: Electrical Computers And Digital Processing Systems: Multicomputer Data Transferring

This class provides for an electrical computer or digital data processing system or corresponding data processing method including apparatus or steps for transferring data or instruction information between a plurality of computers wherein the computers employ the data or instructions before or after transferring and the employing affects said transfer of data or instruction information. The class includes - process or apparatus for transferring data among a plurality of spatially distributed (i.e., situated, at plural locations) computers or digital data processing systems via one or more communications media (e.g., computer networks).

Subclass 201: Absolute value or magnitude
Subclass 230: Multifunctional

Class 714: Error Detection/Correction And Fault Detection/Recovery

This class provides for process or apparatus for detecting and correcting errors in electrical pulse or pulse coded data; it also provides for process or apparatus for detecting and recovering from faults in electrical computers and digital data processing systems, as well as logic level based systems.

Subclass 43: Bus, I/O channel, or network path component fault
Subclass 48: Error detection or notification
Subclass 57: Error forwarding and presentation (e.g., operator console, error display)

Class 705: Data Processing:Financial, Business Practice, Management, Or Cost/Price Determination

This is the generic class for apparatus and corresponding methods for performing data processing operations, in which there is a significant change in the data or for performing calculation operations wherein the apparatus or method is uniquely designed for or utilized in the practice, administration, or management of an enterprise, or in the processing of financial data. It also provides for apparatus and corresponding methods for performing data processing or calculating operations in which a charge for goods or services is determined.

Class 398: Optical Communications

This class provides for all types of communication systems in which optical signals are used to transmit modulated carrier wave information between points. Such communication includes transmitting an intelligence-bearing signal from one point to another in the form of variations in a characteristic of the light wave. The communication may be through free space, fibers or waveguides. These are used to transfer the information with an optical beam, and this beam can be used in various communication schemes to enable the most effective or desired method of moving the information, including optical multiplexing when plural information signals or plural transmitters and receivers are utilized.

Subclass 25: Determination of communication parameter
Subclass 35: TDM system

Class 382: Image Analysis

This is the generic class for apparatus and corresponding methods for the automated analysis of an image or recognition of a pattern. Included herein are systems that transform an image for the purpose of (a) enhancing its visual quality prior to recognition, (b) locating and registering the image relative to a sensor or stored prototype, or reducing the amount of image data by discarding irrelevant data, and (c) measuring significant characteristics of the image.

Subclass 159: Trainable classifiers or pattern recognizers (e.g., adaline, perceptron)

Class 340: Communications: Electrical

Communications - the handling of information or intelligence, restricted to the conveying of said information or intelligence between geographically spaced points. Information or intelligence is defined as being, matter which is handled by signaling systems or signaling devices (such as telegraph systems) or by that portion of nonsignaling systems or nonsignaling devices (such as power supply systems) which is designated in the arts as having a control function (such as the supervisory circuits which control the circuit breakers of an electric power network). Handling, as used above, is defined as being the active coaction between the tangible communication system or device and the intangible information or intelligence, and such coaction may assume various forms, such as transmission, storage, exhibiting, etc.

Subclass 540: Specific condition
Subclass 572.1: Detectable device on protected article (e.g., tag)

Class 704: Data Processing:Speech Signal Processing, Linguistics, Language Translation, And Audio Compression/Decompression

This is the generic class for apparatus and corresponding methods for constructing, analyzing, and modifying units of human language by data processing, in which there is a significant change in the data.This class also provides for systems or methods that process speech signals for storage, transmission, recognition, or synthesis of speech; and for systems or methods for bandwidth compression or expansion of an audio signal, or for time compression or expansion of an audio signal. There are three main divisions: linguistics; speech signal processing; and audio compression.

Subclass 249: Subportions

Class 725: Interactive Video Distribution Systems

This class contains interactive video distribution processes, systems, and elements thereof, which are characterized by point-to-multipoint system configurations, and which are used for the unidirectional distribution or delivery of motion video data resulting from interactions between systems operators (access or service providers) or users (subscribers) and systems elements. These systems include dedicated communications systems, such as television distribution systems, which primarily distribute or deliver motion video data in the manner indicated, but which may, in addition, provide a framework for further, diverse data communications or services in either unidirectional or bidirectional form. Typically, system operators interface with transmitter-side elements or users interface with receiver-side elements in order to facilitate, through interaction with such elements, the dynamic control of data processing or data flow at various points in the systems. This interaction is typically occasional or intermittent in nature.

Subclass 93: Control process

Class 455: Telecommunications

This is the generic class for modulated carrier wave communications not elsewhere classifiable.

Subclass 423: Diagnostic testing, malfunction indication, or electrical condition measurement
Subclass 432.3: Service profile
Subclass 67.11: Having measuring, testing, or monitoring of system or part