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A Portfable Device for Sanitizing and Cleaning the Sole of Shoes    

A portable shoe sole sanitizing device for disinfecting the bottom surface of the exterior of the shoe soles.


A portable shoe sanitizing device that selectively adjusts the output durations of ultraviolet light emitting sources based upon an initial level of output microorganisms detected on the exterior shoe sole.

Primary Application of the Technology

Hospitals, Surgical Rooms

The Problem Solved by the Technology

The portable device cleans the sole of the shoes without having to take your shoes off. This provides an innovative solution for hospitals, laboratories and for the family who likes to keep their shoes on in their home.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

No harsh chemicals are used to sanitize the shoe sole and it supports the concept of going green.

Competitive Advantage

This technology uses ultra violet to disinfect and is portable.

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 422: Chemical Apparatus And Process Disinfecting, Deodorizing, Preserving, Or Sterilizing

This is a generic class for (1) processes of disinfecting, deodorizing, preserving or sterilizing and (2) apparatus for (a) carrying out chemical reactions, (b) preparing or treating chemical compounds or compositions even though only a physical reaction is discernible, (c) performing an analysis which involves either a chemical reaction or a physical reaction not elsewhere provided, for and (d) carrying out the above processes not elsewhere provided for.

Subclass 186.3: With ultraviolet radiation generating means
Subclass 24: Ultraviolet

Class 250: Radiant Energy

This class provides for all methods and apparatus for using, generating, controlling or detecting radiant energy, combinations including such methods or apparatus, subcombinations of same and accessories therefore not classifiable elsewhere.

Subclass 455.11: Source and object encasement (e.g., sterilizers)

Class 607: Surgery: Light,Thermal, And Electrical Application