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Biomedical Information Navigator    

Biomedical Information Navigator (BIN) is anadvanced visualization, multi- layered databases, network analytical cloud-based software and web service.


• A simple way to handle complex and various biomedical datasets.
• Tools to point out novel drug targets and to support network pharmacology needs.
• In silico prediction of drug effects in early discovery.
• A way to integrate biomedical datasets and network approaches to current cheminformatics and pharmacoinformatics pipelines.
• Integrated molecular, cellular and medical databases.
• A highly interactive data visualization mode.
• An intuitive workflow- designer platform (works parallel with the data mode).
• Standardized file formats with high compatibility to other programs.
• Analytic tools specifically for drug target discovery and drug re-purposing.
• No need for expensive servers.
• Customizable, safe and extendable.
• Highly user-friendly, compatible with other tools.
• Both for advanced users and experts of other fields.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

This novel system, besides providing the main features of the market leaders, specifically helps drug target discovery and drug purposing through its complex service.

Primary Application of the Technology

The system is designed for the participants of the Pharmaceutical industry (pharma-related researchers, contract research organizations, pharma companies).