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Anti-Wart Topical Drugs    

A topical formulation for the treatment of warts (and papillomaviruses) based on green tea catechins, certain antiinflammatories and other additional antioxidants


When it comes to topical formulations for the treatment of warts, a problem encountered in prior art is that the immune system (dendritic cells and Langerhans cells) do not recognize the different types of virus (60), of human papillomavirus HPV, producing papilloma or wart.

There is also a widespread perception in dermatology that the association of the above active ingredients is generally not effective against dermatological conditions, as the common oxidative effects are enhanced, and toxicity is increased.

The patented drug is composed by three main ingredients, and acts by improving coestimulation, ie producing a better presentation of the HPV virus to cells of the immune system, and therefore the stimulation of the immune system to combat the infection.

Until now, it was believed that the patented combination of ingredients of these drugs to be counterproductive or anti-synergistic effect for cause actual oxidation components each other, consequently decreasing their respective antioxidant action. On the contrary, very suprisingly and far from what one would expect, the inventors have verified that the association of HPV antiviral components in the pesent anti-wart drug, can enhance the individual and collective antiviral action, hence reducing the therapeutically effective amounts of the components, reducing considerably the toxic or side effects that have active ingredients of the present patented anti-wart drugs.

The blend of natural botanical antioxidants have an antiviral effect that improves recognition capability HPV pathogen.

The same base formulation used for all types of warts: Common warts (verruca vulgaris) , plantar warts (verruca plantaris), and anogenital warts (condyloma acuminatum), simply by varying the proportions of some components and add small proportions of complementary principles. The inventors are of the opinion that the synergistic action may be due to the concomitant presence of different viral factors in each of the types of warts, which would make the new anti-wart drugs more effective to attack, given its combination of components while the various types of viral factors.

Primary Application of the Technology

Dermatology - Pharma Industry
Ready for OTC product as well as for personalized medicine formulations.

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